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Lesson Ten: Keep It In The Aughts

Trump says it sounds like they could have been okay with more personnel, which is obviously true, and then asks Felisha who she'd fire, of the three. She says Adam, because he was so focused on the carriages, and they did not bring in the sales. Which she's been saying all episode, just not where Trump could hear her, and that sucks. It's like when Marshawn refused to say, on the Sith task, "I thought the whole thing was ugly and stupid, Mr. Trump, and I didn't feel like talking about it in front of people." Alla advises that Trump evaluate based on performance from the beginning, meaning Felisha is a better candidate, and Adam freaks out about how that's an uninformed opinion because they've only done four tasks together and in all of them he's been very strong. Which is up for debate, considering he apparently contributed only his hot Padawan self on the Jedi one, was admittedly neck-and-neck with Felisha for gawky enthusiasm at the songwriting, was not that professional with the Learning Annex task, and was completely and loudly wrong-headed on this one.

Trump suddenly sends Alla upstairs, supposedly because she was clearly not the reason, but more likely because he wants to see Adam and Felisha fight like dogs. Adam looks freaked, Felisha looks like crying, and then Trump makes Adam move over and fill the spot so they are sitting together. So sad. I can't wait!

Trump and Carolyn agree that this is super-tough, and Carolyn says straight up: "There are five people left right now. You two are by far the weakest." Whoa. Felisha's eyes bug out and she gasps, "Oh my gosh. You really do." It's not a scream, exactly, but a "my whole life is a lie" kind of freakout. Carolyn: "I truly do." Felisha breathes, "Wow." But honestly, what do you do then? It's all there on the table, suddenly, and you're naked. Trump asks who Carolyn would fire, and she says Felisha, who, despite her record, "still can't handle it." Bill, on the other hand -- like we'd even go through this if he agreed -- calls it a "tough call," but thinks that Adam hasn't really stepped up. Trump asks why on earth he should keep Adam over Felisha, and Adam says some weird thing about how he has "creative ideas" and "new ideas" and "innovative ideas" and can execute plans, and that he's curious, a veritable "sponge" full of "curiosity" and "energy" and "passion." Carolyn eyebrows at Trump during this word salad, and Trump gets weird in response to it: "You don't think Felisha's that curious?" Like this is going to decide it. Obliviously, Adam continues: "No, and I think that's why I'm so successful, at this point." Was it that you were curious about Alla's ass, Adam, and crawled up there to investigate? Because that's what's kept you alive: the original men's team has exactly one other member left, and you do not exactly constitute its other shining star. Felisha makes a hilarious Felisha face, both jubilant at the craziness here and also scornful at how laughable Adam's case actually is.

Felisha gets assertive: "He says inexperience is not an issue -- it's a huge issue!" She talks about how she manages people every day, and that the way Adam handles things is "definitely from an inexperienced point of view." As though to prove her wrong, Adam whines, "That's not true!" Trump mentions that Alla also thinks Felisha is stronger than Adam -- "He's not!" exclaims Felisha -- and that one would properly consider that statement Alla's "parting shot." Felisha chills, because Trump just said who's getting fired, but Adam's still in there fighting, going back to the whole "Alla doesn't know how wonderful I am, because I've only been on her team for almost half the season" diatribe. Felisha's all, "It's so obvious, you can just tell! Adam has a problem and it is that he is a little baby!" Trump asks her whether you can't "circumvent that with a little time," and Felisha gets my respect right back: "A lot of time, sir." She should have been this forthcoming and pert from the beginning. Adam makes a stinky face, because he's known the whole season that this would be his downfall. Just like us.

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