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Donut underestimate good ice cream

Night. Mosaic's FST returns to S5, and it meets with the sales team. Raj wants to know if the ice cream tastes good. "You could put dog feces in that ice cream and it's going to taste good," Pamela comes back. Um. True? Crude? Both, I think. The FST asks how the sales team did, and the sales team is forced to break the news that it could have made the same progress by hanging upside-down in the closet singing "Waltzing Matilda" all day. Kelly interviews that this was very disappointing to him, and "lowered Wes's value" in his eyes. Wes tells the team in S5 that he isn't sure that the whole restaurant thing is even worthwhile, given the trouble they've had rustling up any interest. Raj confirms in his interview that all of Wes's efforts came to completely no result. In the suite, he advocates just selling on the street and forgetting all the tricky stuff. Andy comes up with the idea of choosing a charity and donating a part of the proceeds, saying that it will motivate more people to buy. Ah, greed and philanthropy: the Goofus and Gallant of the Family of Ulterior Motives. They start talking about charities, and Kevin says, "I'm a Leukemia Society guy, unless you guys have other charities..." Everyone nods, and Kevin says, "My brother had it, so." There's a pause. Wes does the not-sure-what-to-say routine, and finally says, "Did he make it?" "Yeah, we did a bone marrow transplant," Kevin says. Wes's eyes widen. "He was supposed to die," Kevin adds simply. Wes interviews that Kevin's brother had a long battle with this particular disease, and then in a moment that really made me laugh, Wes says, "So it's even extra motivation and real-life motivation, for Kevin." I love how the opportunity to help a charity wasn't motivation for anyone else. I mean, as Wes was saying that, I thought he was winding up to say it inspired all of them, and then...not.

The guys discuss a location for street sales, and they quickly agree that the answer begins and ends with Times Square. Chris adds that if they keep the two carts they're apparently going to have together, then people won't have to queue up in Times Square, which is never good. When I was in New York in August, I stayed in Times Square, and I have to say, that's the only place I've ever been where you can be walking down the sidewalk, and you just have to stop walking, just like running into highway traffic. It's the only sidewalk I know that actually has traffic jams where it's literally stop-and-go, and not because you're stopping at the corner. Just because you're trapped in the throng. Anyway, they say that the carts will pull up at 7:15 -- yeah, in the morning -- to start selling ice cream. Oy. "Just go out there and hustle the stuff," Raj says.

The women of Apex come strolling into S5, and Jennifer C. stops by the computer where John is working and peeks at all of his work. In an interview, she congratulates herself on spying on their materials, and ridicules Mosaic for not stopping her. "Oh, my God," she says. "What a bunch of morons." Oh, takes one to know one, Petty Page. She taunts John in S5 about all the spying she just did, and he says, "I really don't care, because we're going to kill you tomorrow." "That's what you thought last time, too," Jennifer says, clapping him on the shoulder. I've decided Jennifer C. is the new Katrina, and I really, really hate her. The women all start whispering and talking about what a great idea Times Square is, and how they should totally do that, too. Maria interviews that "in business, that would be considered a strategic advantage." Stacy asks Ivana if they're canceling all the appointments they made to sell to restaurants and distributors, and they confirm that they are. Gee, don't you wish you had cheap labor that could sell in Times Square while you went and took the appointments? If only someone had thought of that. Stacy comes up with the idea of taking the carts to the line next to the TKTS booth where people wait for tickets to Broadway shows. And seriously, that line is often hellishly long, so it's not a bad thought.

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