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But the biggest problem, Trump explains, is that Baldford made an impulsive decision at a critical moment. "Frankly, if you were running a company and you made that kind of a decision, you'd destroy that company. Instantaneously. Bradford, you're fired." Whoa. What? Hoo-boy. Baldford had started to figure out that this might happen, so he's not entirely shocked, but Ivana still thought she was getting rid of Stacie or that it was going to be her, so she starts to rock in her chair, saying, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God." That's confidence-inspiring, that reaction. They all leave. Ivana takes way too long, by the way, and spends too long sitting there all stunned when she should be getting up and out. In the lobby, Baldford notes that he doesn't even have a bag. Because he doesn't have to pack shit! Mmm, justice. Smells like chicken.

In the Boardroom, Trump says that he felt he had "no choice but to do that." He still think Baldford was overall the best candidate, but you can't make a decision like that. "I'm very happy with that decision," Trump says. "I am as well," Caro-LYN adds.

Bagless Baldford walks out and gets into his cab. He drives away, and Stacie, Jennifer C., and Ivana return to S5. Well, that will be interesting.

In his cab, Baldford claims that he gave up his exemption because it was "the right thing to do," and adds, "A general goes into battle with his army." Can I ask who died and made him a general and the women the army? See, that's where you see that sexist bullshit again. He needs to go away. Oh, look. There he goes. What a relief.

Next week: Shock and awe. A celebrity. Maybe it's Carson Daly. Or a celebrity and Carson Daly. Something with $49,345 in it. And rule-breaking!

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