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When everyone is seated, Trump says, "[Baldford], you shouldn't be here." Baldford laughs. Trump criticizes him fairly extravagantly for unnecessarily exposing himself to booting, and wonders why. "Because he knows he did a good job," Ivana jumps in. "He's done a great job! I're so stupid, to have done this," Trump nearly spits. All Baldford can do is agree. Trump asks if he regrets it, and Baldford -- remarkably -- hedges. Trump has said over and over that he thinks it's stupid, and now he wants to know if you regret it. SAY YES. But Baldford doesn't. He kind of stammers all around it. Trump says that probably, Jennifer shouldn't be there either. "I shouldn't, I shouldn't," she says, all waggling her head. Jennifer tries to take credit for a quarter of the profit, presumably the $655 from the vendor she brought to visit. Ivana points out that that wasn't entirely Jennifer's doing, as they had presumably already made contact with that person and other people talked to him at the cart site as well. Trump asks Ivana why she brought Jennifer, and Ivana tries a "well, I had to bring someone" excuse, and that's really not going to work, because she brought three people, which is exactly what Trump says. She brought Jennifer to set up Stacie, and Trump knows it. And he's not happy about it. Trump then refers to Baldford's mistake as "life-threatening." Well, no, but not a smart move, I'll grant you. Baldford starts in: "I'm not here to blow smoke up your ass. I believe in my heart that I kicked ass on this task." At his choice of words, Carolyn visibly blanches. It's not that the word "ass" is so awful; it's that it's not appropriate in a business setting with higher-ups who haven't led the way themselves. He just has bad, bad judgment.

Jenn butts in. "I have something to say." Trump turns to her in disbelief. "You ought to shut up," he offers. "You're probably not going to be chosen in all fairness, I don't know what the hell you keep talking for." Heeee hee. He's such a dorky little billionaire, but sometimes, I really do love him. Trump turns to Stacie. "If you were me, who would you fire?" She offers Ivana again, giving very good reasons about how indecisive Ivana is, and how leaders have to be able to step up and take control of a team. Ivana just turns to Stacie and says, "You're more of a liability than an asset to the team."

Trump turns to Baldford and promises to "speak to [him] honestly." "Don't you think I should fire you?" he asks. Baldford says no, but Trump continues, saying that his mistake was broader and more fundamental than ice cream sales techniques. This time, Trump calls giving up the exemption a "life-altering mistake." And, again, "stupid." Trump asks Ivana if she thinks what Baldford did was stupid. She laughs a little too hard, saying she wouldn't have done it. Trump turns back to Baldford and tells him he thinks Baldford is the best candidate in the room. Jennifer starts waggling her head again and making big gestures, and blurts out, "That's insane." "Why do you keep talking?" Trump demands to know. "I'm in the middle of saying something, and then you blurt out...whatever the hell you blurt that nobody ever knows what it means anyway." You know, it's that kind of smackdown that's missing from most of your better reality shows. I've never seen a freaked-out nutjob I wouldn't enjoy seeing Donald Trump rip into in his inimitable fashion. "I'll assess that, and I won't do it again," she says. The answer you were looking for, dear, was, "I'm sorry." Actually, "I'm sorry, sir." Just FYI. Trump returns to his pro-Baldford rant as a general matter. He says that Ivana was "a lousy leader" and disorganized. He thinks Stacie is "hated by all, is not respected by anybody," and Jennifer needs to learn to keep her mouth shut.

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