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Donut underestimate good ice cream

Stacie tries to defend herself, explaining about the fact that she's become the chosen target, partly because she's "an independent person." Trump reminds her that you can't choose to be an entirely independent person when you have to work with a team to accomplish certain things. She stares. Trump asks Jennifer M. how she thinks Stacie did with selling, and Jennifer says she did well. "If we were selling ice cream again, I would want her on my team." But who would she want on her team more, Ivana or Stacie? Oh, Ivana. This is such an obvious setup that there's no way it's fooling Trump. "If you were me," Trump asks Jennifer, "who would you fire?" "Based on the history, Stacie," Jennifer says. Sandy proceeds to toss Stacie on the heap of coals, as does every other person on the team except Stacie herself, who puts up Ivana.

Trump now asks Ivana who she wants to bring to the final table, reminding her that Baldford is no longer exempt. She's allowed to bring two or three. She says that she'll bring two. Trump says, "Even though three gives you a better chance of surviving?" At that point, she switches, saying in a clumsily defiant manner that she'll bring three after all. "You're very indecisive, as they were saying," Trump says, having caught her just as I think he intended. She cringes. She should. Ivana announces that she's bringing to the Boardroom Stacie, Jennifer C., and Baldford. Trump returns to how stupid it was for Baldford to give up his protection like that. "You did a really stupid thing," he says. Baldford says it didn't seem stupid at the time, but he allows that now, it sort of does. Trump releases the non-selected back up to the suite, and sends Ivana, Stacie, Jennifer C., and Baldford into the lobby to wait. When they get out there, Ivana whispers to Baldford, "You have nothing to worry about. I'm going to say how you performed on this task." And after all, she controls who gets fired, right? Uh, right? He chuckles. "That was dumb," he says, pretty obviously to himself.

"Why you got me here?" Jennifer asks angrily. "Jen, Jen," Ivana says. "I know. I'm not losing sight. I'm asking questions, and they're valid." Ivana says, right in earshot of Stacie, how they're all going to go in there together, united, and have her fired. That way, they're sure to get their way. "We all have to be on the same page," she says. "The page is still the same," Jennifer says coldly.

In the Boardroom, Trump asks Carolyn for her opinion. She says that she would "lean towards" Ivana for being a poor leader. George says that he would get rid of Stacie, whom he sees as "an oddball" who can't get along with the team. "I still have some strong feelings on this one...let's see what happens," Trump says. He has Robin let them back into the room.

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