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Trump asks Baldford how Ivana did as PM. Trump asks if she was "average," and Baldford will buy that. Trump points out that Baldford can be a little tough, because he's exempt. Baldford laughs, and then Trump says, "He's the only one in the room not nervous, is that right?" Baldford says, "I'll be honest with you -- I think I performed up to my abilities on this task. I'd be willing to waive my exemption." Carolyn makes a face like, "You have got to be fucking kidding me." "Okay. I'm going to accept that," Trump says, seizing the moment. "That means you may lose. Are you willing to do that?" "That's fine," Baldford says. "[Baldford], I think it's stupid what you're saying. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to accept it, and you may get fired tonight." They move on. Now there was a bonehead maneuver if ever there was one.

Trump asks Jennifer M. how she felt about how Ivana did as PM. She says that Ivana "could have been more decisive." "So, not great," Trump says. "Not great," she agrees. Asked what she thought, Sandy says that the carts were out of communication for three hours. "I would have known where my people were at all times." "It was Stacie's fault," Ivana says in a very unbusinesslike and bitchy manner. "She gave us incorrect information." She goes on to explain about 42nd and 7th versus 42nd and Broadway, and Maria's nodding all, "Damn, and I walked ten blocks, too." They all start talking over each other, and George breaks in with, "Hold it, hold it. You're saying 42nd and Broadway, 42nd and 7th -- it's half a block apart! You couldn't see them?" Carolyn shakes her head, apologizing in her head to suffragettes past.

Trump asks Maria what she thinks of Ivana's leadership. Maria thinks that Ivana could have been stronger. He then asks Stacie about what she, as a restaurant owner, thinks of the job Ivana did. Stacie earns forty points with me for using the actual, real word "disorganized" in describing Ivana's approach. Go figure! "I don't feel like she really took control of the team," Stacie says. Ivana, who apparently didn't see Stacie practically all day, insists that Stacie "required a lot of supervision." Eh? Ivana tries to tell the story about Stacie calling for the temps, but she doesn't know how to tell it properly, so she never gets to the point. Stacie, instead, breaks in by pointing out that she sold more than anyone on the team. Everyone starts in all pick-a-little talk-a-little about how she did not EITHER sell the most. Sandy finally says that they "can't pinpoint" who sold the most, but they're all just sure that it couldn't have been Stacie. Trump asks Sandy whether Stacie was more of a liability than Ivana. "Absolutely, 100 percent," Sandy says, striking fear into the hearts of everyone who ever was tormented by precisely that type of cheerleader. "I think you're very smart, Sandy. If I was Ivana, I would not pick you," Trump says. Totally failing to recognize the backhanded compliment, Sandy says, "Thank you."

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