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Donut underestimate good ice cream

Carolyn, who I think is responding to something else that was dropped, says that they had eight hours to scoop ice cream, and it's "not rocket science." She gets pretty frosty here, talking about how a "ten-year-old child" could do this task fairly easily. "You failed," she says. Baldford tries to suck up and falls right over his feet as he says, "I have to agree with Caro-line." She makes a little bit of a face, and he corrects himself -- "er, Carolyn" -- but it's too late. Is it a huge deal, the Carolyn/Caroline? No. Does it mean he didn't read up on Carolyn ahead of time? Yep. Should he have? Yep. Her look of disgusted disbelief is a little over the top, but yeah, not knowing the names of the three people you know you'll be facing is a bad sign as far as attention to detail. And I'll tell you, if you're the woman in that situation, you're going to wonder if he would have called George by the wrong name. At least I would. Baldford tries to recover, saying that his point was that he thinks they "overthought this project." Trump brings up the fact that the men looked better, just aesthetically. Literally looked better. "These girls," Baldford says, "they didn't stoop to the level of selling sex or anything like that," and Stacie agrees. Trump asks Baldford whether he thinks they should have. Baldford smirks. Ivana, crossed arms and all, says, "I'd rather lose than resort to that." And what's interesting is that the women's problem wasn't, I think, how they were dressed. They just didn't seem friendly at all. These are not friendly, outgoing women. They are chilly, unappealing, and self-absorbed, for the most part, and it shows. I couldn't stand Amy by the time she was fired last season, but she could get out in crowds and talk to people and cajole them into feeling good about her. So could Katrina, whom I despised. So could Ereka, whom I also despised. They dressed trampy sometimes, but sometimes, it was just about friendliness -- even if it's synthetic, iron-on friendliness -- that these women can't seem to muster.

Trump tries to tell the women that they could have looked good without selling in a way that was trashy. And then he gives a little lecture about how he takes criticism about how there should be no sex in the Boardroom, blah dee blah, and how there is anyway, blah dee blah. But enough about you, Trump, because no one cares about the squabbles between you and the business school professors. Ivana says she didn't want to sell ice cream by selling themselves, and Carolyn points out that they could have done something else to attract interest -- balloons, a clown, something. "You did nothing," she says. Of course, her two points are kind of running counter to each other. On one hand, she's saying, "Just scoop ice cream," and on the other, she's saying, "Do something other than scoop ice cream." I just think she doesn't like them, and I doubt anything they did would have made her happy. Me, neither.

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