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Stacie approaches Jennifer C. to ask what's going on. Jennifer tells her to talk to Ivana, because Jennifer can't think for herself, apparently. Stacie points out that Jennifer wasn't even with her, so how would she know what Stacie even did? Jennifer says that Baldford -- suddenly the world's most reliable source -- told her what Stacie did. Stacie says that Ivana plunked her team down in a very bad area, and Stacie knew it, because she "know[s] New York." Which is an unfortunate move, because Jennifer pulls out her "gotcha" by asking what address Stacie was at. When Stacie still claims she was at 42nd and 7th, Jennifer just rolls her eyes and is like, "Go ask [somebody] about that. You were on Broadway." Who the fuck CARES? God. So she doesn't know which street is which in Times Square. That doesn't mean she didn't find a better location than they did, which was her point, and it doesn't mean she couldn't be found, because she could be seen from where she said she was. Before walking ten blocks, Maria could have just stood at 42nd and 7th, called the other phone, and said, "I'm at 42nd and 7th, so that's not where you are," and they would have figured it out. It just never should have been this big of a deal, as far as I'm concerned. They bicker and "have a nice life" their way out of the conversation, and then we get to hear the brilliant voice of Baldford explaining how bad the mood in the suite has become. He grinningly calls it a "knife fight." Baldford tells all the women how he's going to approach the Boardroom -- "not tonight, but always," because obviously, he doesn't want them to forget that he is the only one who knows he'll be around for a while -- which is to always admit when he does something wrong. Should be easy, since he doesn't think he ever does anything wrong to begin with. Jennifer C. goes off, saying she has to pack, and Baldford says, "I don't have to pack shit. Not me." Wow, gracious. They all leave for the Boardroom, with Baldford saying that he expects "chaos" and he expects to participate fully. And indeed, he goes without a bag.

It is evening in New York. Lights are coming on, fools are being fired. Well, fools are about to be fired. Everyone files into the Boardroom, Ivana carrying a legal pad under her arm. Ivana, Ivana...Trump doesn't like notes, remember? When Trump arrives, he sits down and tells them that their loss looks fairly sizeable when you consider that the other team spent money on ingredients and gave some to charity. So in gross on-the-street sales, they kind of got stomped. Ivana insists that her team "had a very solid strategy," but it was all about their TKTS location, and that fell through when the mean street vendor got all up in their faces. "Is that really the big problem? I mean, that's why you lost? So you moved across the street," Carolyn says, already pretty cranked for this particular Boardroom. Ivana insists that yes, it made that much of a difference, because it ruined their plan to "flank 7th Avenue and Broadway." Eh. I don't think Ivana is up to a plan that has the word "flank" in it. Trump asks why they didn't take on the street vendor, and Ivana says that she didn't want to "shoot [her]self in the foot." Trump points out that she did, because she's now saying that's why they lost. And indeed, if she thought it was that critical to her strategy, she should have put up more of a fuss.

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