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The next day, Jennifer M. talks about how, going into the Boardroom, they all know that Apex "need[s] a strong team." And she thinks they need to "trim the fat." Well, they'll be looking a while if that's the case, considering that nobody on the entire team looks like she's eaten since last Christmas. Maria tells Jennifer C. that she thinks "it's going to get really ugly." And that's just the skirts. Rimshot! Jennifer wants to make decisions "prior to going in there." Meaning? Conspire, conspire, conspire!

Asked who she thinks should go, Sandy proposes Ivana, and Jennifer agrees. Their comments suggest that the silliness with the carts being separated and confused went on for three hours. Lord. Don't they all have phones? What the hell? Maria looks noncommittal about the booting, and in an interview, she agrees that Ivana "did not step up to the plate." Where on earth would these people be without sports metaphors, I ask you? And then we see Ivana approach Maria in the suite and tell her that they need to talk. Maria continues in the interview, saying that she had expected strong leadership from Ivana, and that was why she nominated her. Oh, high expectations of your fellow Trumpettes. Rookie mistake. On the balcony of S5, Ivana asks Maria what people are saying, and Maria says, "I can tell you this much: seeds of discontent regarding unorganization are being planted at every turn." How can none of these women know the word "disorganized"? How is that possible? I'm not saying they have to be English majors -- don't they watch Clean Sweep? Damn. Anyway, Ivana says that she wants to have a team meeting -- well, with select members -- to decide whom to pick on, so that it won't be her. She doesn't say "pick on," but that's what she wants. She then interviews that the "females on the team" are reacting in this dramatic way -- "worried, nervous, explosive." She does not add, "And sort of grossed out by the way I led the team." Ivana claims that she called the meeting in the suite to discuss the events of the previous day and make sure they were "all on the same page." Yeah. If all the sheep don't "baa" in unison, it can create real problems.

In the meeting, Ivana again blames Stacie for giving the wrong location for the second cart, which I cannot believe nobody is calling her on, as far as the half-a-block argument. Based apparently solely on this incident, the women agree that they all think it was all Stacie's fault, and she should be fired. "So, can we have consensus on that?" Ivana asks, and if she doesn't stop the consensus-building, I'm going to pop her in the jaw, I swear. At one point, Stacie walks in, and they all stop talking, because none of them has the social skills of a rhesus monkey. Idiots. Stacie sits down and asked what's up and what she missed. People just start getting up and walking out, and they don't even have the decency to speak to her, for the most part. Someone makes some bullshit comment about how they have to get ready for Boardroom in an hour and a half, but it's not like this is fooling her. Stacie interviews that if they've all gotten up a little plot to get her out, all she's going to do is fight as hard as possible.

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