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Donut underestimate good ice cream

Later that night in S5, Ivana and Baldford talk. He can hardly believe that they got spanked. He voices over, "A loss to me is like Kryptonite to Superman. It drains you, and I thought to lose [by] $250 was the worst thing that could happen. I mean, coming in second, to me, is like coming in last." Especially in this situation, where coming in second is coming in last, genius. Baldford complains to Ivana that their team, "unorganized," lost to "a completely organized Mosaic." Ivana interviews that blaming the PM is easy when there's "unorganization" (ugh), but nobody understaaaands how hard it is! It only seems like there's "unorganization." Baldford asks her to ask herself what would have happened if they had actually had their shit together. "We would have crushed them," he speculates. Well, if its and buts were candy and nuts, you'd still be a butthead, Baldford. "Okay, I'll let you think that," Ivana says as she stomps off. Wow. I don't know that I've heard "I'll let you think that" since seventh grade.

Regal music welcomes Mosaic to Petrossian as Pamela interviews that she was excited about this -- she was happy to get out of the suite, and she loves her caviar. We watch as the champagne is poured and the trays of caviar are brought out. Wes, in an interview, calls it "a metaphor for the lifestyle of Donald Trump." Yep -- expensive and fishy. The caviar lady explains about the different types of caviar, and Pamela notes in a voice-over that the guys felt a little out of it with the caviar, but she felt right at home, asking for all her preferred accoutrements and such. Andy adds in his interview that he had been up for 30 hours (oy), and all he had eaten was a cheeseburger, and here he was, filling his belly with "$4,000 in fish eggs." He comments at the table that he has twenty dollars stuck in his teeth. Heh. Okay, a little funny, even though I really don't like him.

Kelly stands up and gives an inspirational, go-team speech about what a great job everyone did. Pamela interviews that she thinks Kelly's "leadership training" was helpful, and "he performed very, very well." "He's a military guy," she says. "It helps." Andy stands up and says that he wants everyone to stay friends. "'Cause it's never personal," he puts in. Oh, he is so worldly wise. I bet he learned that in Junior Achievement. "I just want to say I love you!" Chris says, standing to join the schlockfest. John comes up behind Chris and gives him a very...uh, intimate hug. They all laugh hysterically, and Pamela sits there like, "Whatever, I need more crackers."

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