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Donut underestimate good ice cream

Anyway, Baldford starts a blowout sale late in the day to get rid of the end of the ice cream, and one particular guy takes a couple of tubs of it off their hands for $50. I hope he has a big freezer. And doesn't mind if his tongue turns red.

Mosaic counts its money, and it turns out that only after they count it are they deciding how much to give to charity. I don't like that. They should have allocated money at the beginning, either in a fixed amount ($500 or whatever), but deciding after the fact how much you'll give once you know how much you've got is not cool. Because as Kelly points out, whatever they give to the charity will put them that much more at risk of losing. It sounds like they cleared the arrangement with the Society, though, because Kevin makes it sound like he talked to them and didn't promise anything about what the amount would be. The team ultimately decides to give the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society five percent of the proceeds, which it looks like are somewhere around $2870. The five percent originally comes to $143.49, and Wes proposes they make it an even $150. Kelly looks tortured over this decision, but presumably, he goes along.

Evening skyline porn. When the teams return to S5, Kevin talks about how tired he is, but he says they "put [their] best foot forward," and he thinks they'll win. Baldford putters on the little putting thing, as we hear his interview to the effect that he thinks everyone did great, everyone contributed, and in fact, he's sure his team will win. It really is true that all Baldford needed today to be the perfect, iconic Tool of the Corporate Ladder was to be seen practicing his putting. So now he's all fully realized and shit.

The teams enter the Boardroom. Trump walks in and has a seat. George asks how Apex did, and George says they made $2472.29. And how did Mosaic do? Their profit was $2707.85. So I do believe that's without their $200 or so in donuts and their $150 to the charity. So Mosaic is the big winner, by a little less than $250, even after the skim to the charity. The men (and Pamela) congratulate each other, while the women (and Baldford) look unhappy. Trump talks to Apex and asks who their team leader is. He's told it's Ivana. Getting the joke out of the way now, which is probably both smart and necessary, Trump says that he cringes every time he hears that name, har har har. Trump asks her what she thinks went wrong -- product? Lack of organization? "We were told consistently that our product was better," Jennifer M. say smoothly. If you think about it, that actually makes you look worse, in a sense -- if your ice cream tasted better and you still didn't sell as much of it...see where I'm going with that? Trump asks Mosaic if they think they did better because their product was better, or because they sold better. The first thing you hear is a bunch of guys muttering, "Hustle," but then they recover to the point where they say that it was a combination of both. Heh. Pamela reminds Trump that they also had a "brilliant marketing message" with the charity tie-in. Trump reminds Kelly of his exemption next week in the event Mosaic loses, and then says that the reward this time will be a trip to Petrossian for caviar. So, you know, if you like caviar? Go, you. If you don't? Enjoy your champagne. He then says that "somebody other than [Baldford] -- 'cause you have a little exemption -- but somebody will be fired." He sends them out. As they're leaving, Kelly stops and addresses Trump, asking whether it's possible to donate all the money they made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Trump, who blows his nose with two thousand dollars every time he cries about tax law changes, says that's fine, and he's willing to do that.

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