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Donut underestimate good ice cream

Kelly similarly assures a woman who doesn't feel like she should be eating ice cream in the morning that it's okay, because it's really breakfast food. Kevin expresses his pleasure about the involvement of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and says that's really been boosting sales. As they rake in the cash, Kevin interviews that they weren't even thinking they'd sell a significant amount of ice cream until 11:30, so this morning rush is just gravy. The guys this year really do seem to be much better hands-on salesmen than last year's guys, who were just bad at this kind of thing. It makes you wonder whether, had the women last year not chosen to do things like sell kisses and phone numbers, they could have just used the same qualities the guys are using here -- charm and energy -- and not wound up looking so distasteful to so many people. Raj sells ice cream to a cabbie through the cab window and says, "Thank you very much, very good of you." He claps the guy on the arm. "You shall live a long and prosperous life!" Raj assures him. Heh. I don't know what language skills really do for you in this game, but it would appear that Raj speaks Fortune Cookie.

The women, finally getting underway, start ringing their bells beside the TKTS booth to push the Red Velvet ice cream. Stacy crows in an interview about how great and how brilliant their location is. But before long, they're approached by a street vendor who tells them that they can't sell there, because he's got an exclusive deal to cover that territory. If I were them, I think I'd either have waited for a cop to tell me to move, or I'd at least wait until the guy could show me something that indicated that he had exclusive rights of some kind. Because I don't know that you just let the guy run you off, which is what they basically do. Jennifer M. explains that this complicated matters, because it meant that they had to figure out where to go in Times Square, and they had to get themselves and the carts to a new spot. Jennifer C. complainterviews that this again turned into what she would undoubtedly call "team havoc," in which the carts went in different directions. Jennifer C. is wearing really, really high heels with her little dress at 8:00 in the morning, and it looks like she finds them rather uncomfortable to walk in as she's pushing the cart. You'd think that if you knew you were going to be on your feet all day selling, you might not wear those particular shoes, but what do I know? Several of the other women, though not all, have done likewise.

One of the carts, as they're moving it, has to make its way past the men's carts in front of Toys 'R' Us. "Keep movin', ladies!" Raj calls out with a smirk. "This real estate is owned!" Wes interviews that they could tell from looking at the women that this was not a high moment, and not a "Gee, things are going so well!" kind of maneuver. When the cart she's been pushing comes to a stop, Jennifer C. says she's "making an executive decision" (which is Apprentice for "dictating and hoping everyone else shuts up") that they should set up the two carts together, the way the guys had theirs. Stacy, who's with Jennifer C., Ivana, and Maria, gets Elizabeth on the phone and asks her where she and Stacie and the others are. Elizabeth, who doesn't know her New York directions, says, "42nd and Times Square." Which isn't really an intersection, but it's also not like you couldn't find someone with those instructions, either. "Could you ask Stacie if you're on Broadway or 7th?" Stacy asks. Elizabeth passes the question to Stacie, who says they're on 7th. Maria bids adieu to Ivana and Stacy and Jennifer C. and heads off to go and retrieve the Stacie cart. I don't know why Stacy didn't just have the Stacie cart come to them, but whatever.

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