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Sam's Enchanted Leaving

Previously on Generations Of Women Struggled For The Opportunities I Now Enjoy And All I Got Was This Lousy Tube Top: The women and the men competed in an advertising smackdown supposedly testing their skills, but actually dominated by the whims of creepy Donny Deutsch and his Nipples of Renown. The men selected a 1950s-style ad featuring the enduring domesticity of American wives and that always-fresh "thumbs-up" gesture I've been hearing so much about. The women chose to stress that a penis is a penis, of course, of course, and no one can fly on a penis, of course -- that is, of course, unless the penis is the famous Marquis Jet! Deutsch and the Nipples liked the look of the big dick campaign, so the women emerged victorious once again, and they flew to Boston for dinner while the men prepared for the Boardroom. When the boys faced Donald, project manager Jason sputtered in self-defense, but could do nothing to explain away his complete lack of interest in meeting his actual client. Furthermore, for the second week in a row, attempts to pin the blame on Sam fell on wealthy but ultimately deaf ears. Ask not for whom the finger of Donald tolls; it tolled for Jason, who was tossed out the window onto the sidewalk, figuratively speaking. Thus did Trump spare the never-really-threatened Nick and the never-realizes-he's-threatened Sam. In other news, Ereka and Assorama hated each other, and they each thought the other was the most irritating thing this side of cheap soap. They were both right, which had a nice sense of irony, but little chance at leading to a peace accord.

Credits. I love how, at the end, it says, "It's Nothing Personal. It's Just Business." It's sad to think that the women would seem sharper if only they knew everything that the title sequence knows.

Trump Tower, S4. The remaining candidates are waiting in the suite to see who makes it back from the Boardroom alive. There is much nervous monitoring of the door. The music says, "Bowm [please], bowm [don't], bowm [be], bowm [Sam]." Ereka absently nibbles on something in one of her many tube tops. I love how these women are always sort of subconsciously shooting a Playboy video without even realizing it. Nick comes in the door, and everyone seems to view that as good news. But then Sam comes in the door, and they all realize that it's Jason who got the boot. Number of people who are happy to see Sam: zero. Out of twelve. That's painful. "Wow," Amy says unhappily. As Sam stands smugly inside the door, leaning against the wall, Troy interviews that Sam's gone up for review twice now, and that he's returned to the suite twice. "Trump obviously knows more than what us boys do," says Troy with a shrugging attitude. I can't really tell you why guys with southern accents are the only ones who can get away with throwing in extra pronouns and things and making it seem kinda sexy, but it's the case nevertheless. If a guy from, like, Detroit said, "He knows more than what us boys do," it just would not work at all. Troy adds that whether the boys like it or not, Sam is "eye to eye" with Trump right now. Heh, only if he's standing on a stack of telephone books. (Oh, right, like you would not have made exactly the same joke.)

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