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Put A Fork In Busey...

Previously: La Toya stumbled her way to a win, while the men pirated their way to a loss. Nene told La Toya off, calling her Casper the Ghost (ouch!) and saying she's gotten by on her last name alone. Trump wouldn't get over Mark offering himself up to go home, because Busey's better for ratings. Back in the suite post-firing, the men are hoping Busey doesn't come back in the door. Lil Jon says he might quit. But the ladies think he's coming back. And, of course, in comes Busey. The women scream and hug him up. The guys just stand around and pout. Nene thinks Busey's a hoot, and that he's torturing the guys. It seems to be the one thing she and La Toya can agree on. Busey tells his team he know she made some mistakes, which were pointed out to him, and he'd like to do better. He interviews he's not sure why there's an alliance here. So they must be afraid of him. John Rich tells Busey he thinks he's a saboteur, and that he's doing things on purpose to screw things up. He tells Busey someone as smart as him either has to be crazy or a saboteur. Busey alliterates, thanking Rich for that corrective, constructive communication and criticism. Then they toast and "good luck." Which means it's time for some "Money, money, money." Speaking of money, I'm going to put mine right now on a John Rich-Marlee Matlin final two (although Star Jones could obviously sneak in).

La Toya gets to present $40,000 to AIDS Project Los Angeles, which she's been involved in since her brother died because she wants to keep the charities that mattered to him going. She gets to give them the other check for $25,000 for having the winning cap, too. (I swear they said $20,000 two weeks ago, but I guess it ballooned with interest in the past two weeks.)

With the feel-good stuff out of the way, the teams line up in front of Trump Tower Grill so Trump can tell them how great it is, with its steaks and seafood. If you can't come to the Grill, though, he suggests you order from Omaha Steaks. Todd and Bruce Simon, cousins and co-owners of Omaha Steaks, are standing with Trump. The task: The teams will produce and star in a cooking demonstration, create three occasion-specific meals, and create and name a new variety pack. Todd and Bruce will judge them on brand messaging, original variety pack, and overall presentation. Ivanka says the cooking demonstrations will take place the next day in front of a live audience at the Institute of Culinary Education. Don and Ivanka will be Trump's "advisers." I wonder what happened to "eyes and ears." Hope's the project manager, even though she doesn't cook and doesn't eat red meat. But, when Trump asks if she eats steak, she lies that she does because she's from Texas. Trump thinks that's good. Busey's going to lead the men. Trump says Busey's either a genius or a moron, but they haven't figured it out yet. Lil Jon says he's figured it out.

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