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Previously: The men failed colossally at a shoe fashion show, so Gene and Wade were both fired. "It was like watching a horse die." Back in the suite, the women are bickering and fighting, because Kelly's joined everyone else in her hate for Liza now. The women are shocked when the men come back two down. Anand tells David he's a virus to the team and is only "here by the stroke of your ass." Does that mean something? David gets overly cocky and tells Steuart to take him into the boardroom if he loses, because David's so not going home. Then Stephanie meets with Michael Rupp, the CEO of Rockport. She's from Montreal, which explains her funny accent. It's all nice and pleasant and very non-Apprentice, especially because he offers her some sort of opportunity to participate in a training program. So boring I fell asleep.

But Trump arrives to wake me and the candidates up and tell us they've named a bus after him or something. He tells them they're having a pedicab challenge today, and Ivanka gives us the details: They have to pass a test to get their license, design and sell a tour, then pedal their asses off. And the winner is the team who makes the most money. Trump's advisers are Ivanka and his son, Eric. Kelly and Anand step up as project managers. Trump wishes them luck, and sends them off to the training facility. They ride through obstacle courses, holding saucers in one hand, etc. The trainer singles out Kelly and Mahsa, saying he's afraid to let them out on the street. Everyone else gets their licenses. Stephanie can't believe they can't ride a bleeping bike, and says they better sell more than anyone else (especially since Kelly's the PM, so should probably really prove herself to avoid firing).

Octane. Anand loves the idea of a gimmick ride, and their concept will be to turn the pedicabs into Roman chariots, with the riders in outfits. They decide to focus on marketing and presales. David, who is possibly in love with Steuart, starts talking about Steuart being naked and his "beautifulness." Ivanka shows up, and Anand tells her what they're doing. She seems impressed until David pipes up to disagree with Anand: "Only in theory!" All the guys hate David now. He and Clint start shushing each other. David, wearing his chariot helmet, interviews later about how he likes to ruffle feathers. Anand just wants to get their job done.

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