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Painting By Numbers

Trace, Omarosa, and Stephen return to the suite, and Piers, Carol, and Lennox are surprised to see that Tito was the one who got fired. Piers accuses Trace of stabbing Tito in the back, which I don't think is very nice of him. Trace has been keeping his hands pretty clean throughout this competition, after all. Trace doesn't rise to the bait, but he interviews that he just calls 'em like he sees 'em. Anyway, Piers is really only saying this because he's disappointed that Omarosa didn't get fired instead of Tito. "A real tragedy in every way," he mutters.

The Apprenti get invited to Trump's spectacularly tacky apartment, so he can show it off, as well as the current permutation of his family. Melania coaches 18-month-old Baron to utter a few words, and the tot's vocabulary is just big enough to suck up to daddy. Much like that of Don, Jr. Trump explains the task: they'll be working with Moti Hasson at the Moti Hasson Gallery (did he think up that name by himself?), choosing artists from a list and then selling their art. Empresario's PM will be Omarosa for PM, who reminds us that this is the task she got fired on "last season." Yes, Omarosa, it's like the five seasons that occurred in your absence never existed. Piers is going to be PM for Hydra, because he's decided that it's time for him and Omarosa to settle things once and for all.

In the Empresario suite, Omarosa and the team meet with Moti Hasson, asking him for the tricks of the trade when it comes to choosing art. Hasson just tells Omarosa to follow her heart. Which (spoiler alert!) is why Empresario ends up nowhere. Nothing to follow, you see. Of course Trace is once again eager to stereotype himself as a backwoods philistine, dismissing the abstract work that makes up the majority of the art as "three-year-old threw up on a canvas" stuff. Stephen advises Omarosa that Piers is going to use the strategy of selling a few painting for the highest possible price. Dude's been paying attention, at least.

Moti Hassan tells Hydra something interesting about one of the artists, Shirley Shor. Apparently she's "new media," which somehow means her pieces can be sold more than once. And there are twenty of them, so Hydra decides to go in that direction, and Piers suspects that "Omarosa would not be smart enough to work that out." Well, she clearly isn't smart enough to ask the right questions, if the first thing she wondered was basically "how do you sell art?"

Sure enough, Empresario is picking an artist named David Kramer, because he's got the most and the cheapest pieces to sell. And since the PMs' charities teams get any profit over the previously-determined minimum price, Omarosa figures it's to her advantage to go with cheap pieces that she can mark up. Of course, that's assuming she sells any at all. She is so ahead of herself she's in two different time zones.

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