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Lesson Nine: Your Life Is Not The Truman Show
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Last week Trump said fillum for film and Martian for Marshawn, Clay was out of his damn mind some more, and Brian and Marshawn were fired. Nobody saw Star Wars because they've all been masterminding fake multimillionaire careers since they were little children, while Jacob went nuts about the scandalous treatment of all those old white rich men in the media. One or all of these apparently caused it to rain.

There's a "thalkboard," as Jennifer W. might say, in the suite, and it has all the PMs for all the tasks and how they're doing. While the departed team members are mostly all erased, Markus remains, with a giant line through his name (and his 1-0 PM record!). It's funny and says a lot about the prevailing suite sentiment: his spirit lives on, albeit in a Turn Of The Screw, cautionary-tale kind of way.

Capital Edge is hanging out, waiting for Excel to return -- and I say Capital Edge, but I mean Felisha, Adam, and Alla, because Clay is busy in the kitchen being a pariah and part-time housekeeper. Felisha says she'll be "really upset if Brian didn't fight" in the Boardroom. Alla and Felisha discuss how Brian's smart and savvy enough to fight for himself without getting dirty or personal, and (at least editing-wise) the implication is a view on how that's Clay's main problem, because he doesn't actually understand Personal v. Not Personal, in the world of grownups.

Clay interviews that Randal is, of course, coming back. He somewhat muddies the waters of this clear and obvious point when he says that the reason for this is that his team was "nice enough" to give Randal an exemption. I'm going to stop you right there, Clay, because it's not about being "nice" or "not nice" when it comes to performance: it's about "quality." When your team say they hate you, it's not because they want to hurt your feelings, it's because you're awful. Personal attacks are a posteriori to your bullshit. If anyone ever pulls personal shit on you out of the blue, you'll maybe get a little more clarity on the difference, but so far you've not given anyone anything to work with, because you're awful before they get the chance to be mean. It's cool of Clay to give Randal the same pass on behavior that he gives himself, though. Like, no matter what or how Randal did, any judgments on his professional value will still be relegated to the relative "niceness" of his teammates, and not his actual performance. Clay also thinks that Marshawn's in the clear, but I'm not sure which of the countless bullies in the world will be "nice" enough to let her do that.

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