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Shameful Resignation

Previously: Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Niki was a quitter. Which leaves us with the guys bickering about their task last week. Because, even though they won, they all think it went pretty horribly with Busey in charge. Mark McGrath interviews that their win was a miracle, and had nothing to do with Busey. John Rich asks the guys to pretend they're all having fun and laughing when the women come in. Star tells the guys how classy Niki was for leaving (you say "classy," I say "quitter"), and it takes Busey twenty minutes to figure out what "classy" means. The women can't believe they lost to Busey & Co. Star says their morale is low, but they're going to regroup and win. Because this isn't fun, this is business. "Money, money, money..." Extended version, now with even more Busey choppers.

Busey gets to present $40,000 ($20K from Trump, $20K from Camping World) to his charity, Center for Head Injury Services. He wants to give back to them, since they saved his life. Next, the teams line up before Trump, the Trumplets, and Greg and Mike of a company called ACN. Busey tells Trump that this win with Backbone is equal to his Oscar win and his Golden Globe win (as if those are equal?). Their task is to create a thirty-second commercial showcasing ACN's new videophone and then to present the commercial to 450 of ACN's independent representatives, who will judge them on creativity/originality, brand messaging, and incorporating the videophone. Trump repeats this very clear message in case the teams didn't understand it. Don and Ivanka will be his eyes and ears, so now he wants to know who will be project managers: Nene steps up for ASAP because "When I make my mind up to do something, I just do it"; and Lil Jon steps up for Backbone, since he's been in commercials and directed many videos. Trump makes Nene and Lil Jon shake hands, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Meat Loaf says he saw Nene on TV and was afraid to meet her. Trump tells them that ACN will contribute $20,000 on top of the $20,000 Trump will give to the winner's charity. And, so we at home have something to look forward to, he reminds us that someone will be fired. Yay!

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