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I Want My FLO TV

Previously: The show proved it has no resemblance to the real business world when a cheater (Anand) didn't prosper. And during a Kim Kardashian fragrance-themed task, despite Brandy's failed feminine intuition, Octane eeked out a win. Even with a girl fight between Liza and Stephanie of Fortitude, it was PM Poppy who got the boot. That stinks (har har).

Trump Towers. While Octane waits for the returning members of Fortitude, Brandy acknowledges the alliance Clint and Steuart have formed and admits her guard is up, especially after Clint threw her under the bus in the boardroom. Liza and Stephanie return and immediately get back to squabbling, taking no pleasure in the fact that they escaped the ax. Stephanie accuses Liza of defaming her character. She interviews that she doesn't trust Liza and will "get dirty" in order to win, then throw her under the bus anyway. Credits.

Trump Bar. Clint's reward for winning the last task is a meeting with Barry Sternlicht, CEO of Starwood Property Trust. Barry tells Clint his motto: "Genius is perseverance in disguise" and advises him to set high goals. He delivers an envelope from Trump that tells Clint he's won a $5,000 gift card to Pier 1 Imports. Clint says his wife will be happy since they sold nearly everything when the economy went bust.

Later, the teams meet on the rooftop, where Trump introduces Ted Woodbury, Director of AT&T, and FLO TV Chief Marketing Officer Jane Hancock. Ted tells the teams they are charged with creating a 30-second ad that gets people excited about mobile TV and inspires them to try it. Jane tells them the three criteria -- creativity, how well they represent the brand, and presenting a clear and concise message. Stephanie volunteers herself as Fortitude's PM so she can show Trump she's serious. Steuart steps up for Octane, saying he will bring creativity and organization. Trump tells the teams that Don and Ivanka will be his advisors, then wishes them good luck and sends them on their way.

Fortitude. Stephanie calls on her past experience with filming commercial ads and suggests they tell multiple different stories. She wants to shoot in a sports arena and an office, incorporating emotions to show that people use mobile TV to escape situations they don't want to be in. Liza suggests some possible story lines, which Stephanie shoots down immediately. She relegates Liza to accounting and casting, interviewing that Liza is unreliable and will essentially be fulfilling the role of her secretary.

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