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Mr. Outside The Box

In the suite post-Boardroom, everyone seems pretty sure that Nadia Comaneci's going to be fired. We already know they're right, of course. Piers Morgan calls out Jennie Finch for throwing her childhood hero under the bus. Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Boardroom survivors Carol Alt and Nely Galan are busy trying to pull themselves together before re-entering the suite, but Nely is still crying, so the five remaining women sequester themselves and assure each other that they're just one victory away from bringing down the men's team like a house of cards. It would be nice to believe there's a chance of that happening, but the fact that it's Omarosa saying it makes it a little hard to buy.

Fortunately, Trump has a plan. After the ads and credits, Trump and Ivanka and Jim Cramer from Mad Money on CNBC meet the remaining dozen Apprenti by the river. Trump gives Gene Simmons, last week's winning PM, a twenty-thousand-dollar check for his charity, the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. So what's Trump's plan? He suggests Gene go over to Empresario and be their PM for the next task. After thinking about it, Gene says, "Yes!" and darts over. He interviews that he's become "the king of all women." Trump says, "I must tell you that's has become a very, very interesting team." "And I must tell you you're the devil," Gene shoots back. That's not something you take lightly, coming from Gene Simmons.

Trump introduces the other two people with him as executives from Kodak, and they're there to explain the task. The teams are supposed to "create a Kodak mobile printing experience." Basically it's an Airstream trailer full of Kodak equipment and a photo printer, which they're supposed to pimp out brand-wise and then turn out onto a New York sidewalk.

In the Empresario limo, Gene asserts himself as a "benevolent dictator." Again, he's sitting out the corporate presentation, since it's all "in the box" and they're going to want outside the box. "I am Mr. Outside The Box," he boasts, smirking at us so we know he's not really serious. At least, not more than 60% serious. Back in the limo, Gene riffs on the idea of "It's a Kodak world." And he calls the competition "checkmate in one move." He's right, but not in the way he thinks.

Hydra, meanwhile, has picked Tito Ortiz as the PM for this one. The whole team goes to meet the Kodak people. And the Kodak execs actually get my attention when they say that this particular new thing is "affordable ink." They show us a short stack of the paper you can print with the competitors' ink, and then a much taller stack representing what you can print with Kodak's. Even the celebrities are impressed, because ounce for ounce, can you think of a liquid more expensive than ink from a printer cartridge? A gallon of the stuff would probably run you six figures. Seriously, we put our printer in storage last year and as a result we were able to afford an addition on our home.

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