"Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him"

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Once, there was a time when La Toya Jackson, of all people, was skeptical of someone's grief over their recently deceased fiancé. That time was last week on Celebrity Apprentice, and La Toya, not to be outplayed or out-griefed by Omarosa, threw herself as far into harm's way as she could go. The game play got to her head, and it drove her mad. Speaking of mad, Gary Busey is still in this and doesn't understand why people find him a distraction.

Lisa Rinna tells Gary to "work harder, do more," and Gary doesn't understand the concept of doing more than he's told to do, and asks Lisa to tell him when he should be doing things without being told. Meanwhile, Omarosa is on the warpath. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

To start things off, Stephen Baldwin visits his mom to drop off a check for her Breast Cancer Research charity. It is important to play for charity, but also to keep it in the family. Carol Baldwin is convinced they will find a cure, even though I'd love to see more research grants for prevention being funded. Carol Baldwin is also convinced that Donald Trump is handsome and should get with her. Sorry, Carol, you're not his type. Not puffed up enough.

Hey, it's the strange but charming executives from Chi (Farouk Systems). We recognize those bright red boots, and the accent that just bodes well for excellence in hair care systems. This week, the celebrities are tasked with creating a traveling glass truck to advertise the Farouk Systems brands--Chi and BioSilk (one per team). This involves interaction and social media, and the public, somehow. Creativity, brand messaging, overall experience, you know the drill.

Claudia will be Project Manager for Team Power, and is the next nominee for Omarosa to throw under the bus. On Plan B, Marilu Henner will give it a shot. The prize is $20,000 from Trump, $30,000 from Farouk, and $1 per Facebook like up to $50,000. I am curious to see if celebrities know much about Facebook.,

Team Power will be representing the Chi brand. Farouk comes in to tell the team more about it, and Lil Jon is feeling confident because he won the Farouk challenge in his season. Farouk is oddly captivated by America, and the Chi brand identity is "beautiful American." Farouk is not particularly helpful, but he is weird.

Most of the team is on the same page for their campaign: beautiful women with beautiful hair. Dennis Rodman is on a different planet; he wants the truck to have a Ferris wheel on it, with three homeless women whose hair is transformed using the products, and dogs are there too. I love this idea. It doesn't really matter, in the end, so yes, you should transform homeless women and dogs with a Chi Ferris wheel.

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