"May the Spoon Be With You"

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I Scream, You Scream, But No One Screams Louder Than Gary Busey

Marilu's focus on details sent her home and Trace into the looney bin, but none of that even matters because Donald Trump is about to fire two more celebrities just to move things along. Trace and Lil Jon walk up to the penthouse to meet Lisa and Penn, and before they can even pop the cork on the Final Four Champagne, Amanda calls them back into the boardroom. Like they didn't see this coming.

Trace tells the Trumps, using a loose gun analogy, that he still has some bullets left in him. He admits that he hasn't done so great since he moved to Team Power. Lil Jon argues his case next, and Donald tries to bore holes in it. I think it should be Penn and Lil Jon. Lisa says she should stay because she has proven herself and is the second highest earner. By chance. Penn asks Donald Trump not to confuse self-control and restraint for a lack of passion. He's so smart aghhh why is he even bothering with this garbage show again? Oh, because he wanted to work with Gary Busey, who is coming back for the final task no doubt.

Donald Trump says, dramatically, that he plans to fire one person from each team. Ivanka, the other well-spoken person in the room besides Penn, asks everyone how they did this season differently from their last one. Donald interrupts her question with "GOOD QUESTION," like he's on Family Feud.

Lisa has obviously improved from getting fired like, second. She appeases Trump by assuring him that she took heat for getting eliminated early, and his show still matters to people. Penn's answer is quite interesting. He says he's used to working in a group, and not working with different people. The first time he came in treating everyone like they were Teller, but most celebrities are stupid. So, this time, he knew how to work with the likes of Gary Busey. He probably chose to omit that he's changing the way he's behaving in the boardroom, too.

Lil Jon says this time it's personal. He's fighting for his mom, and he's more motivated than ever. Trace says he's not playing any differently. I would disagree. It seems like he's more over it, and has the strategy to just do whatever he wants and roll the dice this time.

Lil Jon is asked first who he would fire on the other team, and he reluctantly responds Lisa, since Penn took over the last task. Trace agrees that it should be a boys' club now. Trump tells Lisa that she made a great decision because "you've been walking around like a loser for two years." Then I only saw red and could not adjust my television set.

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