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Lesson Five: Swing When You're Winning
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We begin with Mark, James, Adam, and Brian waiting up in the living room and gossiping. Mark, charmingly, characterizes the Toral ouster as "the blondes versus the brunettes," and Brian and James both feel that last week's PM, Felisha, is the one going home. Adam smiles and giggles like an infant throughout this conversation. Mark gets up on a high horse, like any good cowboy, explaining that it's "all about team dynamics," which explains why Excel keeps winning. Yeah, because their dynamic is all about crapping on Markus all the time. For which I blame them not at all, but Capital Edge has been unlucky in that each week their scapegoat gets sent home, and they (and the show's editors) spend like the entire episode figuring out who the new "problem" is. Right now, they say, the women are all "acting like sorority girls that got caught sleeping with each other's boyfriends." Well, I would say more like "eleven-year-old girls that got caught crushing on each other's chosen Hobbit" or whatever, but close enough.

Everybody returns to the suite and all the guys are excited to see them; the boys ask about what happened -- hoping, I'm sure, for more stories of Toral's insanity -- and Kristi's all, "Ladies, let's go back to the bedroom." She does this in a mildly off-putting way, but it definitely gets everybody on track and reminds the men of their place, which is not all up in Capital Edge's business. James is like, "That sounds fun, we'll be right there," and Felisha laughs.

Rebecca interviews that the team has decided to leave things in the Boardroom, having their team meetings in the evening, so that they can be "fresh and new" for the next task. Kristi addresses the group in a pretty even tone, underscoring that they need to leave the past in the past: "Task number five is a new beginning -- bring what you have to the table and don't hold back." Marshawn adds that they might also try cutting out the "back-talking" and general nastiness behind people's backs. "At the end of the day, it hurts us in our task." Kristi leads the pack in agreeing with this concept, which leads me to believe she didn't hear a word Marshawn said, because Marshawn, of course, was talking about her.

In the morning, Alla stumbles out to answer the really odd phone they have. Rona explains to her that "Mr. Trump is very busy today, but he'd like to meet you at 7:30 AM at Grand Army Plaza...Fifth Avenue, on the way to a meeting." Nothing makes me feel special like my boss meeting me at an intersection on his way to something actually important.

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