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Finally Understanding Nothing

With Bret Michaels out of the way, it's all losers now, and it's almost anyone's game, depending on the prejudice of Piers Morgan and Donald Trump. Last week, the celebrities made stupid meatballs, and Omarosa yelled a lot, Trace Adkins played against the system and won, and I didn't get to talk about Bret Michaels's line of pet products for PetSmart nearly enough. Make no mistake, though, Pets still rock.

Brande and La Toya return to the green room, and Brande is greeted with cheers. Everyone was tired of Bret and his diabetes and his bandanas. Brande cites Donald Trump's faith in her as the reason for keeping her, but really it's because he thought Bret was being stupid, and Omarosa edged him out.

Trump, Donald enters the room to tell the celebrities they will get on a private plane to Florida to receive their task at Universal Resort in Florida. Trace Adkins will not be participating in this challenge because he's playing a cruise with Blake Shelton. Bon voyage, Trace. The teams are asked to pick project managers and with so little information, Dee Snider steps up for Plan B. Omarosa decides to be Project Manager for Team Power, to honor her late fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan. I'd heard it before, but every time I remember they were engaged I'm like, "huh?!"

After a brief commercial for the Trump Jet, Donald tells his All-Stars they will be "creating a photo experience." Whatever that means, they will be judged on the creativity for their photo experience and communication of Universal Resort's brand message. Meanwhile, Trace Adkins delivers an astronomical amount of money to the American Red Cross.

So, apparently a "3D, interactive photo experience" is a photo backdrop that people can step into like prom and take pictures in. The executives from Universal Orlando visit Team Power first, requesting that they go out and take pictures of themselves with their guests, experiencing the resort firsthand. That's pretty much it. Omarosa tells the executives that Dennis Rodman has a question when he doesn't. He asks about incorporating celebrities into the ad campaign and they tell them, contradictorily that the characters are the stars.

Over at Plan B, they ask what kinds of pictures they are supposed to take. The executives tell them "memorable experiences." I have no idea what this task is. Team Power comes up with the idea to transition physically between three different "experiences" and most of the team leaves Omarosa and Dennis Rodman in the experience room (I think?) to go take pictures. Now the task is even more unclear.

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