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Previously on Also, Trump Should Go Into The Shoeshine Business, Which Is Yooge: Craig failed to fit into anyone's vision of the Trump organization, including his own, so he was given his walking papers tout suite and tooted off to the...well, you know. Kendra and Tana were left as the final two, and they got their first matching doses of bad news when they learned that Tana's employees would be Chris, Kristen, and Brian, while Kendra's employees would be Michael, Erin, and Danny. It's like the Bad News Bears, only Walter Matthau is a mean Mary Kay lady who hates the whole team. ["Hee. Now I simply must know who the Jackie Earle Haley character is in this metaphor." -- Sars] Kendra struggled with an early conflict with some of the sponsors, while Tana was irritated that her team couldn't find parking. Things were not going smoothly. How will it all end? Well, not end, because it's a little-known fact that this show is actually scheduled to end in January 2016, know, how will it progress?

The moon sneaks behind a building, afraid to be seen casting light into this particular brand of darkness, and then we are at Webster Hall with Team Kendra. Kendra is in the middle of telling Michael to put together the crappy room that she and the PlayStation lady were grimly reviewing last week and make it look a little bit less like Tony Bennett is about to change clothes in front of a vomiting goat. Michael's looking particularly like the worst and most ripped-from-the-headlines version of himself at the moment, as he takes some more instructions from Kendra. She interviews that she understands why PlayStation Lady was so unhappy with the room. "Oh, my God," she says in her Kendra-iest voice, the one they need to have worked on if she gets this job and it doesn't turn out to be as president of a new Trump/Hello Kitty partnership. "Where I'm standing right now?" Kendra says. "It smells like feet." She says the space was nasty and not set up when the lady saw it. She tells Michael not to be grumpy, and as he moves a giant display, he assures her he's "not worried." Kendra tells us that she stressed to Michael that she was counting on his help in putting the room together for PlayStation. It seems like a good idea, basically, until she gives Michael one too many warm pieces of encouragement, and he finally comes back with, "I'll do it. Just don't whine. It's done." Well, one can overdo the "go, team, go!" thing, I suppose. She finally thanks him and leaves. Michael pushes a console across the floor, like, "I left my giant parking lot for this?"

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