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Condescendin' the Clowns

The men leave to celebrate the turning of the tables, and the women are left to fight for their lives. Dayana is quick to voice his discontent, and Lisa is equally quick to call Dayana out for being a dirty bird with overly evocative double entendres in her vignette. Lisa overplays it a little, making it sound like Dayana was ready to give a handy on the presentation floor, and no one ever flat-out says what Dayana's "overly graphic" phrasing entailed, which only fuels the fire when Lisa claims "it's not for mixed company." But it was, at least, for primetime air!

Trump circles back around, asking Lisa how she can defend herself if she was steering the ship creatively. Lisa thinks her loss will be felt on the team, insists that everyone was supportive of -- nay, thrilled about -- her idea yesterday, and says Dayana is only speaking out against her in retaliation. Dayana disagrees with this, and Don Jr. asks if Dayana offered any alternatives. Dayana explains that her ideas routinely get shot down.

Up in the men's suite, Arsenio worries that Dayan is "fine but finished." When Trump turns to Aubrey, Dee snarks, "Everybody quiet! Aubrey's speaking! ... [She's saying] something about herself!" Yikes. If the men can step away from the dysfunction on their team to recognize that Aubrey won't shut the hell up, then she's really made an impression. Aubrey says this task has been the worst for her yet because Tia took control of the project at the expense of involving everyone on the team. Tia responds by basically calling Aubrey a self-interested hussy who is ready to drop her dedication to the team the minute she gets in the boardroom.

Trump asks Patricia who should be fired. Patricia thinks Lisa brings more to team. By inference, that means Tia should be fired. Lisa agrees (shocker), saying Tia is partly to blame because she didn't correctly execute "an idea that was great." But, she wonders, should you fire Tia or a team member who is "distracting and derailing"? That would be Dayana. Patricia defends Dayana, saying that she's not the best ideas person, but she is a valuable cog in the team machinery. She thinks the idea generation is being overvalued in this boardroom. Though Aubrey name-checks Tia to be fired, she then spends much more time responding to Patricia's point. The essence of her rejoinder: "Dayana sucks." She says Lisa could do all the menial bullshit that Patricia is claiming makes Dayana valuable, but Dayana certainly couldn't provide the creative power that Lisa brings to the table.

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