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Condescendin' the Clowns

Dee doesn't think so. If he had to choose someone to go home, it would be Paul. On the one hand, he didn't do much of anything past the five seconds he came up with the slogan for the task. On the other hand, that was probably the most critical five seconds of the task if you really think about it. With no verdict rendered, Trump moves to Arsenio, who hesitantly agrees with Dee. Clay defends Paul, saying he is overall a major contributor to the group and is "not as mean as you think he is." Ringing endorsement!

Trump asks Lou who will return the boardroom with him if Unanimous loses. Lou names Paul and Penn. Trump is surprised by this second development. Lou notes Penn's "bull in a china closet [sic]"-ness and his "superior attitude." Not helping himself, Penn throws a side eye at Lou, which the editors ramp up by slowing down by at least half. He criticizes Penn's negativity and lack of compassion for his teammates' emotions. Clay nods his head, all, "Preach!" Trump asks Clay to elaborate. Clay says Penn admitted he prefers to be in charge (to which Penn bugs out his eyes like Clay is putting words into his mouth) and, when he's not, becomes a real C-word. That's "condescending," gutter brains!

Penn basically says all this talk of "emotions" is hooey and that it's about getting the job done at the end of the day. Dee explains that what Penn interprets as a no-nonsense attitude feels to the others like a compulsive need to correct everyone else. He dubs him "The Fact-Checker." Clay says Penn becomes a dark cloud when he doesn't get his way and admits, at Trump's prompt, that this experience is much tougher than American Idol -- and with 100 percent less sassy red leather jackets to keep in the warmth in the cold of night!

Trump turns to Don Jr. for his report on Forte. The women nailed entertainment value, brand messaging, teamwork and the focus on the product mist function. Their concept was overall a little too abstract, though, and the video wasn't as strong as the presentation. With a bit of griping from Dayana (who has officially become the new Lou), Trump asks Eric what the execs thought of the men. They appreciated that Lou played against type, the catchy tagline, and the presentation of the mop's features. However, the video wasn't necessarily viral so much as a run-of-the-mill advertisement, and the men overplayed the eco-friendly card when users can put any old Earth-killing solution in the mister they want. But who won the 50 Gs? Unanimous (on behalf of the Muscular Dystrophy Association). Sorry, After-School All-Stars! Better luck next time!

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