I'm Going To Mop the Floor With You

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Condescendin' the Clowns

Trump turns to Tia, who shies away from naming a star but says that Lisa was her most dependable member. Well... up until now! Lisa doesn't waste a minute admitting she thinks Tia should be fired if they win. She says Tia "never got a handle on the whole operation... it fell short at times." Tia justifies this criticism through corporate speak, saying she's "not a micromanager." Trump asks the ladies how Debbie (or "Deborah" as he calls her per her early-2000s demand request) performed. Dayana admits that Debbie was often unproductively stressed. Tia pawns it off, saying, "That's her personality."

The conversation turns to Debbie, Lisa and Aubrey's frustration that they're the only ones driving the tasks creatively. Trump thinks Lisa might have just insulted most of her teammates. To which I say, the word "insult" is in her job title. Hello, Insult Comedian! Also, it's true. She has no qualms about naming Dayana as the least valuable teammate. Like the others she just dismissed, Dayana doesn't bring strong, executable ideas to the table.

It comes out that Tia's own idea was shot down (because it was too been-there-done-that, says Lisa). Trump doesn't like that a PM would let herself or her ideas be overpowered by the group. Trump asks what concept the ladies ultimately chose. Teresa stumbles in explaining the "What's your number?" hook, so Tia steps in. She's extra-delicate with her terminology, saying it's about people you've dated. Teresa chimes back in that it's more sexual than that. Trump claims he "doesn't get it" and somewhere along the way, Teresa directly asks Trump, "How many women have you been with?" Trump smirks and raises his eyebrows. More to the point, though, Don Jr. is a little too excited to know about his dad's sexual history. The exact phrase he used was, I believe, "Give it to us!" To which I ask you: What's more disturbing -- that or this? Tia claims the concept was a group choice, but Patricia doesn't agree. Even as she splinters off to cover her own ass, she claims she was being a "team player" in going along with the concept. She does admit she thinks it was well-executed.

Over to the men and their "I'll mop the floor with you" concept. Trump thinks it's "cute," and I particularly enjoy Penn describing Lou's dancing style as "like a crazy monkey." Crazy Monkey is, in fact, my B-girl name. Eric wonders why the guys let Lou be the star when the women were much more equal-opportunity about their video. Lou explains that he needed to step forward and prove himself after he's been accused week after week of not contributing. He says it doesn't matter how many times he gets knocked down, he'll always get up. But will this be his TKO?

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