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Condescendin' the Clowns

Don Jr. stops by Forte as Tia sits down to edit. Despite the fact she only has 90 minutes to put together the video, she takes time to explain the concept to Don. Really she just wants to present a strong facade on behalf of her team and ensure Don doesn't see the obvious tension between them. She does not succeed.

As the night progresses, Aubrey and Debbie continue to be all BFFsies together as they put together the presentation to accompany the video Tia and Lisa are editing. It's a total sleepover vibe, and like any sleepover, there's always a girl who feels left-out. That girl is Dayana. Tia tromps over to Debbie and Aubrey and is all, "Girls, you have to include Dayana... and why is there a bra in the freezer?" Like the irascible grandma who's frustrated this is how her life turned out, Lisa lets loose on Tia for indulging the idea that everyone should have a star turn. There will be no participation awards on Ms. Lampanelli's team! She unleashes a stream of expletives, calling the situation "annoying" and "sickening." Patricia thinks Dayana has been shot down enough that she needs to use this turning point to stand up for herself.

Unanimous. Clay sees that Penn is still moping. He interviews that his "mama would not be proud" of him if he didn't extend an olive branch. He approaches Penn, who explains that the word "condescending" hit too close to home because, when he was a kid, people saw his size and condescended to him because they assumed he was a dumb kid who'd been left behind in school. He thinks Clay calling him condescending translates to Clay straight-up not liking him. For all the effort Clay makes to disprove that assumption, he basically admits Penn's right. Penn says he feels set up, which is kind of ridiculous because if someone were truly trying to set him up, they wouldn't voice their grievances to his face. I'm pretty sure that's the opposite of a set-up. It's called a dialogue. In any case, Clay thinks Penn is being melodramatic and superior. They agree to disagree (though that implies a little more closure than what actually goes down).

Speaking of things going down, the ladies pacify Dayana by tasking her with ordering flowers for the presentation. They want peonies. She puts out the phone call, and it's like a segment bad gross-out comedy. Just imagine what the word "peonies" my sound like coming out of a fast-talking Latina's mouth. "Do you guys have peonies?" Think about it... I'll wait... Okay, I'll spell it out -- or Dayana starts to, "P-E-N..." She runs over to Tia to get the spelling, and Tia can't stop laughing at hearing Dayana's mispronunciation. Lisa chimes in, "I think the answer is 'Yes' either way!" Even Dayana has a good laugh in hindsight and chirps, "I love penises!"

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