I'm Going To Mop the Floor With You

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Condescendin' the Clowns

Forte. Tia is confident in taking the helm for the women, though she is already flustered that Lisa and Aubrey (like Debbie) are only happy when they're the star players. Completely proving her point, Aubrey explains that she has been the creative driving force on every task so far. Now that Tia has broken her iron grip, she wants to "sock her in the face." There's a bit of a kerfuffle because Tia only has one camera angle planned, and Aubrey thinks they need more coverage. She concludes that Tia must be punishing her because she's "angry and jealous... or an idiot." Real mature, Aubs. Lisa coaxes Tia into planning out more angles, and Aubrey Jim Halperts at the camera in annoyance.

Unanimous. Shooting begins, and Lou struggles mightily with his lines. He has particular trouble with the word "dirty," which you can imagine is pretty critical to the "I'll mop the floor with you" concept. Clay (who works with kids who need speech therapy) and Arsenio are very patient and helpful. Lou is grateful to have someone on his side, and it shows in the next few takes.

The women are also shooting at Forte, though they're choosing to go with a more-is-more approach as far as using their star power. Each of them will film a segment. While that's happening, Dayana becomes concerned that neither the word "mop" nor an actual mop appears in any of the vignettes. Debbie tells her to say something to Tia, but Dayana is afraid that it's too late now that they're already in mid-swing. Debbie turns to Aubrey, who also doubts that the concept is big enough to go viral, especially since she's looking around and seeing that half the team is sitting on the sidelines at any given time. Really, it's all about her (hell, she had a -- terrible -- reality show called All About Aubrey). She's annoyed that she's not "being utilized" (code for running the show, despite the fact she's never actually been PM). Still, she makes a fair point that most of them aren't working most of the time. From my perspective, it gives them more time to talk trash, though, so I'm okay with it. Aubrey snarks, "You know a Project Manager is bad when Debbie Gibson and I have taken time to become BFF."

Unanimous. Lou paves the way for his appearance on Season 15 of Dancing with the Stars by taking the O-Cedar mop for a spin around the kitchen set. Twinkle-toes-y music is playing, and it is stylistically not unlike Travolta's disco routine to "You Should be Dancing" from Saturday Night Fever... until Lou bites it and falls on the floor. HARD. Oh, and there are close-ups of Lou grinding his hips and makin' his pecs dance. You're welcome! Eric stops by to check up on the guys and is encouraged by the energy and optimism he sees on team Unanimous. He commends them for taking a chance on Lou.

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