I'm Going To Mop the Floor With You

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Condescendin' the Clowns

Back at Unanimous, the guys have to explain to Lou what "hero" means in this context. Wow. Lou thinks he literally should play a superhero, which is not a horrible idea. As Penn is basically leading Lou through the task by the nose, Clay worries that Penn's play is too focused on the boardroom from minute one, which is detrimental to the teamwork aspect of the game. The others think Penn is being too intellectual and condescending throughout the whole process. Penn continues to nitpick as they haggle over their "O-CedarMan" concept, and Clay calls him out for being condescending and negative, effectively setting up Lou to fail. He actually has a little bit of an outburst, but Arsenio respects him for it. As does Lou, who sic-sic-sic calls Penn "a raging bull in a china closet -- almost like a devil." Penn's not that raging, though, because he backs down and apologizes immediately.

Speaking of bulls, Paul gets frustrated and tells the guys they need to grab one by the horns. He suggests they use the phrase, "I'll mop the floor with you," and they all think it's a good jumping-off point, especially when Arsenio points out they can do a little wordplay by making it look like Lou is talking to another guy when he's really talking to the mop. Ding, ding! We have a winner.

Forte. As the women refine their concept, Debbie suggests making T-shirts showing each woman's "number." She feels like she's not contributing enough and wants to design the shirts, but Tia hands that assignment to Patricia, who has been focusing on graphic design for the last several tasks. Debbie tries to horn in on the design process anyway, but Patricia shuts her down. She knows that Debbie doesn't play well with others when she doesn't get her way, but at this point that could provide boardroom ammo, so she has no reason to back down.

Unanimous. Dee has taken on the role of director, and the crew has arrived. Penn is still sulking that Clay confronted him -- so much so that he's questioning the choice to participate in this show altogether. Meanwhile, Arsenio and Clay trash-talk him as they head out for supplies. They vow to win for Lou's sake, which I find ridiculous considering what a pain Lou is to deal with. Then again, he's been incredibly strong in the boardroom and avoided firing last week when everyone turned on him, so I think they mainly just covering their asses under the guise of team spirit. I'm pretty sure that's a working philosophy of this show, by the way.

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