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Condescendin' the Clowns

Previously: Michael Andretti stalled at taking the Project Manager role during a car challenge, resulting in his and Adam Carolla's ouster. Also, nobody likes Debbie Gibson or Lou Ferrigno, and Trump accused Tia Carrere of flying under the radar.

Nighttime, Trump Tower. The ladies of Forte are in their suite. Patricia Velásquez warns the women they'll need to change their ways if they want to keep winning. She thinks Aubrey O'Day and Lisa Lampanelli's clique is corroding Forte from within. Their conversation is interrupted when the guys return sans Adam and Michael. Lisa actually says out loud, "Lou?" she's so surprised to see him. The men congratulate the ladies on their win and take the firings in stride.

At least that what it sounds like on the outside. In reality, the men are sick and tired of being sick and tired -- of Lou. Arsenio says, "I don't care if we're selling Playtex products next week. Lou has to lead." And Trump said as much, so that means Lou is PM this week and almost invariably will get fired if he doesn't eke out a win. Bring on the menstrual aids! Lou recognizes, "If I don't take action now, I'm in trouble." He chats with Tia, and she acknowledges that she's in the same boat. Credits.

The next morning, Debbie delivers her $50,000 check to Children International. She explains that $2 a day can make a huge difference in the kids' lives, so this donation from Trump and GM will be overwhelming -- in a good way.

Later, the Celeb-pprenti meet the three Trump men and reps from O-Cedar floor cleaners at the New York Public Library. The teams are tasked to create a viral video for a new spray mop from the company. They'll be judged on product integration, entertainment value, and brand messaging. Lou and Tia immediately step up, though Aubrey snarks that she didn't volunteer for PM because "this brand has been around for 100 years -- just like Tia." Gratuitous, O'Day. Gratuitous! When the guys of Unanimous announce that Lou will be taking the reins, he demonstrates how motivated he is by dropping down to do some push-ups. And they called him a one-trick pony! He has two tricks! Clay Aiken covers his face in shame. Trump tells the teams that, like last week, the winner will get $50,000. With the ladies hoping for a clean sweep (bah-dum-bum), the task begins.

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