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Window Stressing

Previously: The ladies' second loss in a row brought out their claws. Dee Snider's own claw got mangled when he fell off his horse. In the end, Victoria Gotti wasn't up to this (or any task), and I'm just saying don't be surprised if Lisa Lampanelli and/or Trump are found at the bottom of a river wearing the latest trends in cement footwear from the runways of upstate New York.

Lisa and Dayana Mendoza return to the apartment and are met by looks of shock from their teammates. Lisa vows not to take on the role of Project Manager again until all the other ladies have had a turn. She interviews that the ladies of Forte need to "suck it up, buttercup[s]. It's time to get down and dirty!" Credits.

The next day, Penn Jillette delivers a $40,000 check to Opportunity Village, which helps people with intellectual disabilities function in society. Penn paints with one the Villagers and tears up as he thinks about how, without charities like this, "we throw those people away." Who knew the fire-eating carnival barker was a gentle giant?

Later, the Apprenti reconvene at Trump Tower to learn their next task from Trump and his three kids. The teams will each design and operate two living window displays at Lord & Taylor for Ivanka's clothing and accessories lines. Ivanka lays down the criteria: Creativity, brand messaging, and overall presentation. She will judge the competition with a rep from Lord & Taylor, while Don Jr. and Eric will advise Trump. Trump asks who will serve as PMs this go around. Teresa Giudice and both Dayana volunteer for Forte, but Dayana gets the gig and will be playing for the Latino Commission on AIDS. Unanimous nominates George Takei basically because he's a big ol' queen. He tells Trump that, despite his team's lack of design experience, "We will boldly go where we haven't been before." DRINK! George says it would be a very personal win for him (and his charity, the Japanese American National Museum) since he was forced into internment camps when he was a boy. Dangling a possible $20,000 in front of the teams, Trump dismisses them to get to work.

Forte brainstorm. Aubrey O'Day is quick to suggest they use a clock motif for their display, showing their model dressed as different types of women at various times in the day to show that the Ivanka Trump collection is for every woman. Echoing their sandwich shop diva one-upmanship from week one, Debbie Gibson thinks Aubrey is making it too much about herself at the expense of her teammates.

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