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Going Once, Twice, You're Fired

In Piers's war room, he lays out his strategy: sell stuff to the highest bidder at the auction, and sell the ticket prices for more than face value. Stephen warns Piers that he thinks Trump cares about more than money in this competition. Which is an odd thing for Stephen to say, considering he's been inside Trump's apartment.

Trace tells his team that Piers is going to beat them on money, so he's going to beat Piers on the celebrity front: specifically, he plans to charter two jets to fly a bunch of country stars up to New York. All three of them get right on the phone to gather up celebrities, and Trace is also having his people try to sweeten the pool of auction items by signing guitars and shit.

Marilu and Lennox are dispatched to a prop house, where Lennox kind of has to rush her along to pick out tables and linens for the party. "Done!" he keeps barking at her.

Carol and Stephen head over to the caterers for a little horvy-dorvy tasting. Stephen crunches them loud enough for the microphones to pick up, which Carol claims to find charming.

So what's Piers doing? Hitting up Fergie. Not the incontinent meth-head, but the actual Duchess of York. He goes to her office in New York and gets her to offer a tea with her as an auction item. Piers thinks that might be enough to win the auction all by itself. Which might be a little optimistic. But throw in the incontinent meth-head and an octagonal boxing ring and he'll be unbeatable.

Trace's team goes through the Backstreet Boys' contract rider, which is the list of the stuff acts request in their dressing rooms so they can showoff how high-maintenance they are. Trace isn't too worried about keeping them happy; he makes a comment about them being the "Backstreet Old Guys" now, not being boys any more. Well, they were never particularly backstreet, either, so at least now they're consistent. Trace doesn't think they'll actually need to provide everything on the list, thinking that he can get out of most of it just by talking to their tour manager. Trace has experience of his own with this, you know. And of course all musical acts are as laid-back as Trace. Still, it's a good idea, but once he gets on the phone with the tour manager, Fitzjoy, the conversation doesn't go too smoothly. For one thing, they have a shitty connection, and for another, Fitzjoy has no idea who Trace is or why he's calling. "What's your function?" Fitzjoy asks the multiplatinum recording star. Trace defers the actual negotiation until the following morning -- that's the day of the event -- but he's not filled with confidence any more.

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