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Going Once, Twice, You're Fired

Back in the boardroom, Trump (flanked by the Trumplets) again congratulates the final four and asks them how they thought they did. Lennox thinks he did well. Trace enjoyed talking with Erin, but not so much the mad ferret Jim Cramer. Piers thought he did well, and is surprised to hear that he came off as harsh or ruthless. He says he's just been playing hard, in Trump's honor. Trump nods thoughtfully, scowling and trying to figure out if he's just been insulted.

Trump asks Carol who she would fire. She says she would keep herself and Piers, since Piers thinks ahead. Piers adds that Lennox couldn't win as much as he has without Piers. Lennox readily admits as much, but also says that Piers couldn't have won as much without Lennox to use as an asset. That's a fair point; Lennox has been the keystone in any number of Piers's victories, but it's not like a big hunk of masonry can do a whole lot on its own, either. Trump appreciates Lennox's honesty, but in light of his admission and the input from the two reporters, he's firing Lennox. Which surprises me, since I expected Trump to keep his hero around until the bitter end. In a non-limo interview, Lennox says he's happy to have earned $40,000 for his charity. Wow, that was a nice, short episode! Bravo, NBC! Oh, wait, we're not done. Trump has Trace move over to sit next to Piers and take Lennox's vacated seat. Trump says he doesn't want to fire Piers, even though he's not the nicest guy. Piers starts to object, but Trump shuts that down and asks Piers who he would fire. Piers says he could more easily beat Trace than Carol. For Trace's part, he says he's tried to play the game with integrity, but probably wouldn't be friends with Piers after the way Piers has played the game. He wouldn't accuse Piers of stabbing anyone in the back, though. "He'd stab you in the forehead," Trace says. "You'd see him coming." True enough. Piers cops to it, and maintains that he's never claimed otherwise. You can accuse Piers of lots of things on this show, but hypocrisy is not one of them. Or at least it isn't at the top of the list. Trump asks Carol what he should do, since he wants to see the two guys fight. Literally, that's how he says it: "I want to see these two guys fight." Which was in last week's promo, causing me to be sure that Lennox was going to be in the final two. Ah, well, it's not like I had any money on it. As Trump goes on, Carol doesn't say anything. And Trump fires her. In Carol's non-limo interview, she says she did everything she set out to do. Okay, goodnight, everyone!

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