Failure to Launch

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In Fair Verano, Where We Lay Our Scene

Previously: The ladies of Forte secured their first win when the Celeb-pprenti designed a living window display for Ivanka's clothing line at Lord & Taylor. While Lou Ferrigno and Aubrey O'Day's forceful personalities came to the fore, it was clear George Takei was too passive a leader, and he was fired.

In Forte's suite, all the celebrities toast to the ladies' victory. Dayana Mendoza is proud to be the first victorious Project Manager and thinks it's a sign the ladies have finally figured out how to work with each other as a group instead of as several different personalities that happen to be doing the same task. With Debbie Gibson and Aubrey still completing, we'll see how long that lasts... Lou and Arsenio Hall return arm-in-arm from the boardroom. It's a bittersweet moment because they're genuinely sad to see George go. So sad, in fact, that Arsenio compares it to a death, and Lou actually sheds a few tears. Rein it in, fellas! I know George is a gentle, lovely old coot (and a fairly terrible leader in this context), but he didn't actually die. Lisa Lampanelli leans in to give Lou and consoling hug as Debbie says, "Ohhhh, Lou." Adam Carolla says sadly, "Oh, Arsenio!" -- as he hugs Dayana... because when else is going to get to get handsy with Miss Universe? It breaks up the sobfest, and Arsenio says, "Thank God for comedy!"

Lou turns the conversation to moving forward. He vows to continue to fight for himself. Dee Snider acknowledges that the Trumps only know what they see in the boardroom and says Lou's passion in the boardroom is greater than his value as a team member. Dee thinks the wrong man was fired and says it's only a matter of time until the teammates stop covering for Lou. Credits.

The next morning, Dayana delivers the $20,000 winnings from her task to the good folks at The Latino Commission on AIDS. One of the men at the center shares a heartbreaking story about being alone in the world after losing his family, then losing his entire community to AIDS. Dayana tears up as she gives him a hug and discusses how important it is to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among Latinos.

The teams meet three of the Trumps and representatives from Buick and Leo Burnett ad agency at Grand Army Plaza on Central Park South. This week, teams must prepare a ten-minute presentation presenting the Buick Verano to a live audience and Buick's Twitter followers. After the presentation, the audience will have ten minutes to ask the celebs questions about the product. The teams will be judged about how informative and entertaining their presentations are, and they must highlight four of the car's key features. Trump opens the floor to questions. Adam raises his hand, not with a question but a confession: "I lost my virginity in a Regal." The execs laugh uncomfortably as that hangs in the air, and Don snarks, "Last weekend, right?" Adam comes back, "Two weeks ago, hot shot!"

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