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Don't Be an Ass

Previously: Eight weeks passed and no one cared. Last week, Trump switched up the teams and made them coed. Then David was fired. In the suite, everyone debates who will come back, blah, blah, OF COURSE it's David. Anand says something arrogant about how he'd actually like everyone gone, to be honest, and there's a reason he's here and the other three are in there. The women come back in and hug everyone. Poppy thinks they'll be a much stronger team (Anand, Stephanie, and Poppy) now, but Clint -- David's biggest hater, if you'll recall -- tells them they have a creative void now, and wonders who will be creative on Fortitude now. They want him to shut his mouth, and I do too. It turns out Clint and Anand hate each other. Because Mahsa and David are gone, and there has to be some drama. Short version of "Money, money, money," which means fifteen seconds of more episodes, and more weecapping for me. Boo!

But, wait! Boardroom time already. They all line up in casual-looking clothes. Trump's already there, and tells them he's just been given some disturbing news, that Anand has been text messaging people and asking them to bring in money. Wow. No suspense or buildup to that at all. He asks Anand if it's true, and Anand says it's not true and he hasn't texted anyone regarding money. Trump tells him that if he did it's a clear violation of the rules and asks again if he did it. Anand again says he didn't do it. Trump: "Want me to read you a text message?" Dude, have these people not learned that you do not lie to Trump in the boardroom, like, ever? Anand smirks and stumbles over himself a little. Trump reads: "It says, 'Come to Trump Tower, from 10 to 1:30 p.m. Bring at least $50 cash. Pretend like you don't know me. Need to buy a pedicab ride from me or one my teammates. I'm project manager, so my ass is on the line. I'm getting close to the top. I won't have my phone with me, so just come by and pretend like we don't know each other."

Trump asks if that's pretty bad, right? And Anand says it is bad, but nobody came. Trump says he doesn't care if they came, but if they didn't it's because they don't respect him. Clint shakes his head a bunch, and Trump asks what he thinks. Clint says he's flabbergasted, because he's come to respect Anand and thought he could compete with him for this job. Trump asks if anyone else knew, and no one speaks up. Trump asks why Anand lied, and he says he wants to stay. He knew what he did was wrong and inappropriate, but he really wants to win and it's stressful being project manager. Trump's all about taking every advantage you can, but Anand crossed a line. He asks if Anand would say that, and Anand says he would say he did now that he's sitting here in the boardroom. Trump says it's thinking like this on Wall Street that's gotten the country into so much trouble. He fires Anand. Instead of a taxicab confession, Anand gets a final interview and apologizes to Trump, and wishes he could do that face to face. He wishes he could go back and erase what he's done. And with two people on one team and four on the other, could it be time for another shuffle?

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