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Fight to the Finish

Previously: Eric Trump joined the show, which is apparently a big deal. Bret took risks (read: was creative), while Tenacity was boring and hated the only person on their team who wasn't (Cyndi). Bret and RockSolid won. Bland Summer was fired, even though Maria and Sharon hate Curtis. Now: Back in the champagne suite, Bret thinks Summer can't be fired, and then Holly is herself (a bitch) and asks Cyndi how she got out of the suite. She then interviews that it wasn't fair Cyndi got a "free pass." Dude, it's called being the only one on your team that the executives thought did anything worth anything. Cyndi goes on and on about how she can't throw herself under the bus because no one stands up for the gays. She bitches that it's okay to be a high stoner, but not to love someone else. It doesn't make sense, but then, it's Cyndi. She interviews that she basically hates Holly. Curtis comes in, and Holly's deflated, because her last follower is gone. Which is awesome. Maria interviews about how arrogant "pretty-boy Curtis" is. He toasts to Bret's charity, because he's so arrogant. That jerk! Maria looks irked. I don't get it. "Money, money, money" opening. Why is Cyndi on a swing and with long hair in her credits shots, while everyone else looks like they were filmed on the show?

New York skyline porn with some Superman-ish music as the teams head to Trump's apartment. Maybe since it was Bret's second win, we don't get to see him give the check from last week to the American Diabetes Association? Anyway, they all go on and on about the view, but Maria's not so much into the style. Curtis feels like he's a high roller at Caesar's Palace. Trump enters, and puts Curtis with Sharon and Maria, since Curtis told him maybe they don't like him since they haven't worked with him. Trump then tells them all that they're in one of the greatest apartments ever built. Even Trump's friend, Richard LeFrak, who's standing next to him, likes the apartment. Or at least he tells Trump he does. This week, Richard and Don will be Trump's eyes and ears. The task: Each team will be given an apartment to refurbish, renovation and decorate (one room in celebrity style). Richard says the criteria are originality, celebrity style, ability to stage the apartment to improve value, and overall quality of the renovation. Trump asks Don who will be judging and Don says, "You're going to be judged by Lee Curtis, of..." Long pause until Trump says, "Bridgestreet." Then Don says the whole thing again, and Trump says the kid will never be his father. So, they could have just put the part where he says it correct in the show, but then Trump wouldn't look like such a badass. Project managers are Holly and Sharon. And the winning PM will get $20,000. Sharon really wants to win something for her charity after losing to Holly last time.

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