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Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie

Previously: Sharon got tired of being with the women, and was happy to get to rock 'n' roll with Bret Michaels. Unfortunately, they lost, but they made a whole bunch of money, so Trump decided not to fire anyone at all. Now: They all drink champagne together and are, for the first time in the history of this show, happy. They all toast Holly, who's really happy and crying about what this can do for the HollyRod Foundation. Sharon's glad that Holly got the money, but is pretty pissed that she didn't after raising all that money. "Money, money, money" credits. Curtis sure has a big knife. Afterward, Holly meets with her husband, who she says is a sight for sore eyes. She fills him in on the money she won for the charity: $347,000. He interviews that he knew she'd win some money for HollyRod, but he never thought she'd win this much. Then he surprises her, too, by bringing their four kids in to hug her and roll around on the floor with her. She says it was one of the best days of her life.

But we don't have much time to feel good, because it's time for the teams to meet Trump, in the ballroom of Trump SoHo. He says two executives, with Clockwork Home Services, are with him. They're basically a plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrician company. The task is to build three radio commercials, one for each brand (Benjamin Franklin plumbing, One Hour air conditioning and heating, and Mr. Sparky electricians). They'll be judged on brand integration, originality, and performance. RockSolid picks Bret as project manager. Bret says it will be tough, since being on time isn't his specialty, but he'll prove he can do it today. Summer's the PM for Tenacity, though she says she has no experience with recording studios, but she has a great support system. The winning project manager will get $20,000 from the show and an additional $20,000 from Clockwork. Trump promises them that one, or even two, people will be fired after this boardroom. Donald's third child, Eric Trump, a Georgetown graduate, is here for the first time. He and Ivanka will be Trump's eyes and ears. Seriously, how many kids does Trump have? Okay, I looked it up: Five. [If this show is still on when Barron is old enough to judge, we're all in trouble. -- Angel]

RockSolid van. Bret thinks they have to have fun and give each radio spot its own twist. Sharon thinks they work well as a team, because they're all rock 'n' roll. Bret starts about rapping about plumbing. They start making dirty jokes about plumbing and heating and cooling. Stuff like, "Can I suck your plunger, Mr. Franklin?" Bret interviews later that they were "completely perving out." He says that Sharon sometimes says stuff that is completely out there, and he thought he'd heard it all. They all just laugh and laugh about farting and pooping jokes.

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