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Previously: Joan decided that she hated Annie, and the teams were tasked with pimping out Ivanka's jewelry line via a fashion show. Annie and Joan went head-to-head as opposing project managers. Melissa got all pissy because Annie was nice to Brande, then everyone decided how to earn some big bucks. Piers Morgan came in to do... something. Oh. The announcer says two people will be going home before tonight is over. Thank god. Money, money, money, money. Money!

Piers walks into the KOTU boardroom, where Clint and Herschel are interviewing models. Piers remarks about their lack of energy. Joan walks in, and Piers asks what happens if she makes it further in the competition than her daughter. Joan tells Ivanka and Piers that she'd be OK with it, unless her precious Missy gets thrown under the bus. If that happens, Joan leaves, too. Ivanka says that's bullshit and it is time for little baby Melissa to leave the nest and survive on her own.

Brande and Melissa are working together when Piers walks in, and Brande's all excited because she's his biggest fan. Kiss up. Melissa does her Brande impression, that involves her shaking her jiggling everything and giggling. Piers brings up Joan's comments and Brande's like, "Annie says the person bringing in the least dough is boardroom bound." Simple. Piers feels that's a fair strategy. Once he leaves, Melissa starts calling everyone... Brande is not blind, only blonde, and notices her sudden interest in fundraising.

Annie and Jesse are working with designers, when Phil Hellmuth (who is intimidating and cool) calls in with the info that Natalie called him begging for cash. Phil's like, "Who the eff is this person?" Annie laughs this off, but she's really pissed.

At FIT, Annie closes the door and calls the friend who gave Phil's name to Natalie and rips the guy a new one. It involves a lot of bleeping, and it is awesome. Clint and Joan hear this bitchfest through the wall and they think it is hysterical. Joan says Annie is a bad person. Melissa actually gets her forehead to move by saying that Annie went berserk. I'm so impressed that she was able to show emotion that I can't pay any attention to anyone else. Oh... it seems she just thinks Annie's jealous that she didn't think of it first. That's probably true.

Annie chases Natalie down, and Natalie just smiles. Annie says it was a nice try, Natalie says that she's bummed because she didn't get cash. Turns out Natalie was counting on the Hellmuth cash and now she might be screwed.

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