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I wasn't sure if this episode would happen with the situation Bret Michaels is in, but I guess they figured they'd better air as many as they can while he's alive. You will have to forgive me if I can't be as snarky toward him as usual in this episode. On the other hand, you will also have to forgive me if I still am snarky about him. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Previously: The women sucked, and were mean to Cyndi, then turned it around on her. The guys were awesome, but lost a lot. Goldberg had Bret do everything, then his team lost (because Luke Bryan was unwilling to change even a little bit), and Trump fired Goldberg. Cyndi's charity won $20,000.

Sharon doesn't feel right about winning, and is sad the men are down to two, since it will just be them clawing at each other if any more men leave. Bret comes back in and tells them, no offense, but he was surprised they lost, and it sucks to lose a friend. Sharon doesn't want to play anymore. She says she likes working with women, but the dynamic with these women is terrible. Summer thinks it's annoying that she wants to leave since they should all be playing for their charity. Shortened opening credits. Cyndi meets with Gregory Lewis, the director of her charity, True Colors Fund. They talk about the charity's True Colors House, where teenagers who are kicked out of their homes can live. She tells him she won and gives him $20,000, and tells him they'll also get the record sale proceeds so will have even more. As Gregory leaves, she's tells him being on the show is kind of like Apprentice Survivor.

When the teams arrive, Trump's with his wife, Melania and their adorable son, Barron (who evidently has his mother's looks). Barron's hitting golf balls on a roof, and Trump tells the teams he's a future businessman and pro golfer. Not that Trump has high expectations or anything. Trump says it's time to split up the teams. He puts Curtis on Tenacity and sends Maria and Sharon to RockSolid. Sharon's so excited to be back in her world of rock 'n' roll. She no longer wants to go home. Bret squeezes the ladies in close and tells Trump he's a genius. Trump tells them their task: to create and run a workout class. They'll come up with exercises and sell tickets. It will be at 24 Hour Fitness, where representatives will observe and then give the team with the best program $24,000. Don and Ivanka will be Trump's eyes and ears. This is a money-raising task, but their big donors can't just donate money; someone has to show up and take the class. Sharon's the RockSolid PM, and Holly steps up for Tenacity. She's a little intimidated, but you also have to consider that her team has an extra person, so maybe she shouldn't be. Cyndi has to do a press launch with Lady Gaga, but Trump tells her to work that out with her team.

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