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Girl Fight!

Previously: Trump switched up the teams. Brian was absent. All detergent sent some executives on the show so that no one with a sense of humor would ever buy its product again. Everyone lost, but Trump didn't factor the task into the elimination: He sent Tionne home for pulling a Baldford, and Khloe for skipping out on her DUI classes to be on the show (and vice versa).

Back in the viewing room, everyone believes it's no question that Clint will be the one fired, since he was the only one who had anything to do with the video. Joan says she won't work with him again, so he better be fired. In walk Clint and Natalie. No one hides their shock that Clint's there instead of Khloe, and Joan interviews that she can't spend two more days with Clint, because she had stomachaches last time, and she doesn't find this fun. She thinks he's a jackass. Clint says it's his fault, and that he took them because he thought they were safe. Melissa says she did the same thing, then she interviews that Khloe wasn't taking her DUI lightly and Trump shouldn't have punished her for trying to change. Everyone's really pissed at Trump, talking shit about it. Annie throws in that Clint's video sucked, and he's all, "Thanks." And, with that: "Money, money, money." If Claudia weren't in the opening credits, I wouldn't even remember her. I mean, come on: A Deal or No Deal suitcase model? Really?

It's morning, as the teams line up on the street. It looks very cold. Trump arrives and puts Brian on Athena. Trump asks if anyone has a problem with the boardroom last week, and Joan does. But Trump says he really hated what Khloe did. Joan tries to say that she was getting over it. Trump hopes she's right, but he thinks he really made her understand the importance by treating her like shit. Trump moves on to this week. He tells everyone what a big problem identity theft is and then introduces Todd and Andrew from LifeLock, a wonderful company that helps end the problem of identity theft. Todd tells them their task is to create a package and retail store display for LifeLock. The trick is that LifeLock's a service, so they must make the intangible tangible. They'll be judged on brand messaging, originality and overall design. Trump tells them to pick project managers. Natalie will lead KOTU, and Brian will lead Athena. Annie interviews that she and Jesse are the last people who haven't been project manager, which is on purpose in her case. Natalie's nervous to lead Clint and Joan. Trump says Ivanka and George will be his eyes and ears and the winning project manager will get $20,000 for his or her charity.

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