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Karma's a Bitch

Remember last week when the teams ran a hotel, and Dennis was awesome until he got totally wasted (which was about two minutes into the episode)? And then they lost? And then had an intervention? And he was fired? Well, that happened. It was sad, and I hope we can go back to making fun of celebrities this week.

Here we are, as everyone goes back to the viewing room (which I think is all it is, right? Because it sounds like they live in hotel rooms?) to talk about how "brutal" that was. The women say it wasn't a happy win, which is such a freaking lie. They're happy to have won any week. And the men wanted Dennis gone, and now they have it. So I would love for them to all stop pretending they're actually human and go back to being ridiculous. Clint says he's seen drinking problems up close, and "you get angry at booze." What a weird way to say that. [Don't take it out on the booze! - Zach] Melissa talks about how Dennis was the obvious choice, since he was disruptive to both teams, but she loves him. Annie liked him when he was sober, and is sad that he couldn't see that everyone was just concerned. Jesse interviews that losing the task wasn't the issue; there's a bigger problem. He says it was sad to see Dennis leave angry, and he understands the drinking thing, because he's been there, done that. Brian says something assy about how there were really only four people on his team anyway. Because, even when everyone else is trying to be human, he cannot make himself go to that place. Herschel says it was a bittersweet loss. Wait, aren't wins bittersweet, and losses just bitter? Anyway, apparently he's glad not to have Dennis as an anchor around their neck. Dennis's car still drives away. "Money, money..." and we're back to being shallow. Yes!

Since Tionne was last week's winning project manager, she meets with Phil Oliver of Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia. She explains she is the national spokesperson for the disease and has it herself. She says Phil Oliver diagnosed her, which is why his foundation is so important to her. Phil pretends to be surprised to hear that she won, and is giving the foundation $20,000. He tells us he looks at her as his little daughter. Tionne says she wants to win this game to help her charity so that she can grow old and see her grandchildren. [...So she gave the money to her doctor's charity, so that the doctor can do research that will make her live longer? Talk about curing two birds with one stone. - Z]

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