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Girls Just Wanna Manage This

Here are the previous five episodes encapsulated, interspersed with comments about the show in the media. Entertainment Weekly thinks this is the most wonderfully absurd television show in history. Well, there. What will happen next? I don't know. Tell us!

Back in the penthouse, post board meeting, Bret tells the others that, coupled with the strain of his daughter being tested for diabetes, if he'd been fired he would have tried to leap from the window. Cyndi asks him if he has the results of the test -- they will get them tomorrow.

Cyndi tells Summer that Holly was trying to be her mutha and she doesn't need one. She VO's that the younguns around here don't listen, which she thinks is a mistake. Holly and Maria enter and Cyndi is immediately all, "Why Selita?" Holly just says she doesn't know and receives a hug from Summer who asks if she's OK. Holly interviews that their team was at a disadvantage because Sharon was sick. And, also, there was Cyndi who had so much to say about a task for which she wasn't even really present. We see her ask Holly if she hates her now. She just says that once Cyndi was safe in the boardroom, she should have been quiet, but Cyndi replies that she didn't want to see Selita fired. Holly interviews that the "kumbaya moment" is over. Then, we see her tell Cyndi that she didn't want to see Selita fired either, but she didn't want Maria to get canned either. Oh, the kumbaya moment isn't just over, it's dead. "R.I.P. kumbaya," says Holly, for now it's "game on." Cyndi, look what thou hath wrought.

Curtis takes Clyde to the New York Rescue Mission. He tells Clyde that when he's not being raked over the coals by Mr. Trump, this is where he spends his time. Feeding America, Curtis's charity, supports the mission. So, Curtis just starts chopping some vegetables. I hope they know he's there. Clyde says that he never cooks for himself.

This little happy dude, Phil Zepeda, greets them and says that he wasn't expecting company today. Curtis says that they have a surprise for him that happens to be inside a copy of his cookbook. Nice plug. Also, he's making chicken and leek pie for lunch. It's a check for 20k! Phil is happy. Then, Clyde presents him with a matching check from Right Guard! Phil interviews that his organization can stretch a dollar into seven meals, so this donation means a lot (280,000 meals!). That's terrific. Curtis and Clyde serve lunch to the peeps at the Mission.

The Donald, along with Trace Adkins and the greasy Trump, meet the celebrities at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex. Summer sees Trace and that's when she knows this challenge will be about music. And, it's not because of where they are? Hmm. Donald says that Sharon is still sick and it's up to Tenacity whether or not they utilize her for the challenge. Holly says that, even though she likes Sharon, she feels like preferential treatment is taking place. She needs to play by the rules just like everybody else and not get sick, I guess. Donald says that he expects to see Cyndi and Bret in the Hall of Fame one day, especially after The Apprentice. Yeah, that'll do it.

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