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Dennis has a Problem

Previously, Dennis went crazy and no one really knew why. Then Brian McKnight wouldn't let him be part of the team, but they won anyway. The women were bad, and bitchy, and project manager Claudia was fired. The show's "previously" is much longer than mine, but I already wrote the recap, so I was tired of that episode a week ago.

New York City. Porn music. All of the safe people discuss what's happening in the boardroom. They're all comforting Joan, all "Poor Melissa," assuring her Melissa will be back. In walk Khloe and Melissa. Melissa tells everyone it was distressing how much Claudia attacked her character. Then she interviews that she hopes being in the boardroom was the kick in the pants the women need to keep winning. Brian McKnight is proud of his team, and hopes Dennis will join them, engage, and help them win some more. They do only have five people left, after all. "Money, money, money, muh-nay."

More New York, but now it's morning. Brian greets his charity founders Victor and Saundra Brooks. If you forgot, it's Youthville USA, which helps improve the lives of children in foster care. He gives them a check for $20,000, which they're very excited for. They call Brian "intelligent" and "competitive" and they thank him for remembering them. What sweet people. Totally what you'd expect from people who would found such a charity, right?

Trump greets the lined-up teams. He congratulates the guys, and asks the women if they regret anything. They don't. They think it will be more cohesive without her. He says Khloe's gone but will be back tomorrow, so the numbers are more even. He points out they're standing in front of Trump Hotel and Towers, because they'll be in charge of running a hotel. But not Trump's hotel (he doesn't say this, but it's surely because he wouldn't trust these fools to do that). He is standing with Jon, the CEO of Loews Hotels, and asks if anyone's ever heard of the Loews Regency. Dennis has. He's stayed there a lot. Jon says he'll be looking for customer service, good room service, cleaned-up rooms. Each team will take over five rooms, which will be rated by guests. Ivanka and Jon will be his eyes and ears. The project manager of the winning team will get $20,000 for their charity. He asks them to choose. It's Tionne and Dennis. Clint interviews that it was a chance for the team to show Dennis they're behind him. Okay, I like Clint again. Trump had a feeling it was going to be Dennis, but he tells him to do a good job -- not to play games with Trump. Annie comments on Dennis being project manager, even though it's not her concern. I still can't stand her.

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