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Not A Dream Team

Previously: Rod Blagojevich came, he politicked, he didn't know how to use a computer. Trump admired his courage, but he lost a Harry Potter challenge, and was fired. Selita (who?) won the challenge, so her charity will get some money. Now: The girls get a little cocky and delusional, saying they've won three in a row "being cohesive, and respectful." When Curtis and Michael rejoin the group, they feel like they'll win the next one. Michael thinks they need to get organized to win, but then interviews to us that he doesn't think Bret has the ability to do that. "Money, money, money" credits. Remember Carol Leifer? Yeah, me neither. "It's nothing personal. It's just business."

Selita visits her friend, Tiffany, who's the director of Shine on Sierra Leone. They talk about how well the charity's doing and then Selita gives Tiffany the $20,000 check. Tiffany squeals and there's lots of hugging. My cold heart remembers there's actually some good at work behind this ridiculous show. But only for a moment because then Trump has the teams gathered in a gym, where he joins them. Once again, Michael tells Trump losing a teammate was "easy." Trump tells him he's a "nasty" guy, and Michael laughs. Come on, Trump, he was in an individual sport. There's no "team" in gold medals in Olympic sprinting. Well, except in relays, I guess. Anyway, Trump says Sharon's out sick, and then says, "Cyndi?" for no apparent reason, but she tells him that her True Colors Fund worked on the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Amendment that was being signed into law that day. Trump tells her to say hi to the president, and that he knows him and likes him. Then he tells them about their challenge: They'll be working with Right Guard. Some Right Guard execs explain they'll create a 30-second TV commercial and 10-second Internet commercial to promote Right Guard Total Defense 5. They have to gear it toward young men and sports enthusiasts, and will be judged on: creativity, brand integration and overall presentation. George and Ivanka will be Trump's eyes and ears. Time to pick project managers: Holly and Curtis, who'd like to put the girls in their place, but really is here for Feeding America. Trump informs them Right Guard is the official deodorant of the NBA, and so they'll be working with two former NBA players (both of whom played in Portland, I might add): Clyde Drexler and Scottie Pippen.

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