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It's About Damn Time

Previously: There was a lot of crazy, and you either watched or you didn't, but if you didn't, who cares? If you do care, this is what you need to know: The women won a lot. Project manager Tom Green was eliminated.

That brings us to this week, where the ladies discuss Tom's firing, which they actually got to witness this time, since Trump didn't send anyone out and tell them to turn off their TV before just cutting to the chase with Tom. Dennis and the other guys come back in, and Dennis interviews that there are three teams now: the girls, the guys and Dennis. Clint talks about how his team needs to learn to subordinate themselves to their boss. He keeps saying "some of these guys" don't know how to have a boss, but he really means "Dennis." He calls Dennis out, saying he'd expect him to show up even if his eyes were bleeding. The ladies interview that the men are difficult and they argue a lot. Which is the opposite of what you'd expect. You'd sort of expect the women to be the ones sniping at each other, but they're not. It's pretty bad that I'm praising the women for getting along better than these guys, I know.

Anyway, Claudia interviews that Dennis has a lot of difficult people to deal with, like Clint Black. Dennis interviews about how he is being targeted, just like he was in the NBA. He says that Michael Jordan would tell you how easy Dennis is to work with. Clint tells Dennis he could work for him, but probably couldn't be his boss. Dennis tells Clint he's worked for harder guys than him, and he walks off. The women sit there, mouths agape. ... And, "Money, money, money, money." Does it feel a little weird to celebrate money like this in this economy? Well, at least it's for a good cause, right?

Speaking of, Brande's in Central Park to give her charity money. She tells us she's one of the celebrity advisers for California Police Youth Charities. She tries to raise money to help children get scholarships, or a hot dog at a ball game. Either way. The executive director comes to collect the money. He tells her the kids don't like the hot dogs as much when she's not there to cook them. She gives him the check, for $166,680. He says it's unbelievable, but doesn't act anywhere near as surprised as I would if someone gave me a check for that kind of money for my charity (which is, by the way, the Keep DeAnn From Being Broke Fund).

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