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"Minus One Tooth, We Still Prevail"

Previously: Cesar Millan visited and judged as the team's built hotels and spas for dogs. There were disgruntled candidates on each team (David and Tyana), but the men lost and Octane team leader James was eliminated. Back in the suite, Steuart talks about how much he can't stand David, and that he'll tell him if he comes in. (He was the only one who'd stand up to the psycho in last week's boardroom.) David comes in, all high-fiving everyone else and acting like a creepy frat guy, but he tells Steuart what bullshit that was for him to "throw me over the bus." Wade really wants to be project manager, but Clint says he wants it, too. Clint makes fun of Wade behind his back, but Wade just says he didn't want to create bad feelings. We have the full "Money, money, money" credits back. With slow talking James gone, there must be time for them now.

Tyana has her winners' reward: She meets Russell Simmons. He gives her some advice and platitudes about business and how to get rich. On her way out, he hands her an envelope from Trump. She cries as she reads the letter, which is a $10,000 gift card to Calvin Klein. Wow, she must really like Calvin Klein. Trump greets the idiots in the morning, and starts talking to them about the popcorn business. He says 17 billion quarts are sold each year. He introduces Hitesh, CEO of a company called Popcorn, Indiana. Hitesh says they want to reach out to those who are missing out on their awesome popcorn using the internet. So the task is to create a guerilla marketing stunt that they'll make it into a video. The winner will have made the video most likely to go viral. They'll be working with "viral video hotshot" Charlie Todd. Clint tells Trump he's Octane's PM, and Trump seems disappointed it's not Wade, after his boardroom promises. Mahsa's going to boss around the women. Oh, wait, she does that every week anyway, but this week it will be her job.

Mahsa tells her team she's going to be bossy, so please don't take anything personally. They look up Popcorn, Indiana, and find out it's a very wholesome family, so they won't do anything vulgar. Charlie Todd shows up and tells them he's the founder of Improv Everywhere. He gives them some tips and shows them for videos. He does the same thing for the guys. Clint says it has to be uncontrived, and then he platitudes "go big or go home." The women are having ideas about doing something in a movie theater or a gym. Tyana doesn't like any of the ideas, and she says that, but she doesn't offer any ideas. They end up going with the gym idea: They're going to have someone working out and eating popcorn. I'm not sure how that's viral or guerilla, but whatever. Mahsa sends Liza, Poppy, and Tyana to find wardrobe, because they're no use to her in her presence.

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