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Previously: Fourteen "celebrities" came and tried to do actual work. They mostly failed. Rod Blagojevich couldn't type. Oh, and P.S.: Rock stars (Bret Michaels and Cyndi Lauper) are more than a little crazy. The women won, and Darryl Strawberry was a big quitter. Post-firing, the guys fill the women in on what happened in the board room, even though they got to watch it on their big screen, didn't they? Then Amanda calls everyone back to the boardroom. Summer immediately worries he'll fire someone else, because she's clearly never seen this show. And, really, good on her.

In the boardroom, Trump says it's time to put it all on the line, so Michael nominates Rod for project manager, because he thinks he should step up and do something. Selita nominates herself. Trump informs them they'll be going to Teterboro Airport, where they'll get their next task. Everyone gets excited, but Trump tells them just the project managers will be traveling. For the first time in the history of this show, the PMs will be separated from their teams. Gasp! Or, actually, who cares? He sends them away, and Selita's like, "Yeah, great," since this happened when she finally stepped up. However, she does trust her girls and their judgment. The men are saying the same thing in the other room: They want to end their losing streak. Bret says, "There's not one loser on this team," and I reply, "No. There are at least three." And ... "Money, money, money, money" credits. I never noticed before this season how much Ivanka and Don look alike.

So early in the morning that it's still dark out, Selita and Rod are picked up by a limo to head to Teterboro. In the car, they talk about how they are totally clueless and worried. All Rod knows is they're not leaving the U.S. since, you know, he cannot legally do that. Selita sings her own praises to Rod. She's more than just a pretty face, y'all. A lot of dramatic music as they get on a plane, then Trump appears on their in-flight video to tell them they're going to Universal Studios Orlando to check out a new Harry Potter exhibit. They'll communicate with their teams back in New York about the exhibit, and their teams will create a display in New York to create buzz and interest in the new ride. Then they'll join their teams to present the presentation. Because we all know that Harry Potter needs more buzz. I mean, has anyone ever heard of Harry Potter before? Who is he, anyway? Trump closes by telling them to turn off electronic devices, and I can't tell if he's trying to be funny, which probably means it's a failure either way. Selita seems excited about Orlando.

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