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Trump shushes them and asks Anand his opinion. Anand says James was a poor leader, and no one respects him. Trump says that's strong, and asks James what he thinks of that. James says he knew, after the last task, that he need to have more respect for the people on his team, so he made that clear to everyone. Anand asks James how he can earn respect from his teammates when he doesn't even respect the business owner. Trump asks James who he's bringing to the boardroom, and he says David and Wade. Big mistake, I think, to bring the guy who came up with the only thing the judges liked: the webcams. Wade asks why, and James says Wade's content to float in the background, so his contributions are sub par.

We don't get to see the women turn off their TV, or see the guys file out or get called back. Instead, Wade, David, and James are lined up in the boardroom when we return from commercial. Wade says he has no idea why he was brought back, since he's a dog lover and brought good ideas to the table. He also says David helped execute the ideas. He says that David's passionate, and Wade respects that, but James didn't know how to harness that. Wade says he didn't respect James either. Trump tells James no one respects him, and asks his educational background. James went to Duke and then Georgetown Law. Trump thinks that's a great education, and James says he's used to working with people of a different mind-set. Trump asks if he means more intelligent than David, but James doesn't want to say that. Don asks if James's air of elitism could be what puts off his teammates. James says if that's what it is, he'll use that criticism going forward and try to improve.

David acknowledges that James is intelligent, but he has no experience. Trump points out David's own bad experience with extended unemployment isn't exactly something to be thrilled about. Trump says that James went to great schools, but David is a little down and out right now. Then he tells James that David was successful until about a year ago, when the economy killed him. He asks Wade who he'd fire (did he forget what Wade said two minutes ago?), and Wade says, "Absolutely James. Wholeheartedly. Our team's better off." Wade tells Trump if he fires James, he'll step up and be project manager next week and show him how he can lead David.

Trump tells James he's so disappointed with him in so many ways. Then he tells David he's a wiseass, and Ivanka was right about the dismissive eye-rolling. But he's not the reason the team lost, which was because of James. So, he has to say, "James, you're fired." He sends them all away and scowls after them. In the lobby, Wade tells James not to let the door hit him in the ass. You know, it would be pretty difficult for an elevator door to hit you in the ass. James just shakes his head. He's a tool, but at least he didn't resort to the low blows the rest of the people on this season are so fond of. Trump says he really thought that was pretty obvious, and the Trumplets agree.

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